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118. Phoenix (Greek origin) means "deep red". Odin (Scandinavian origin) means "rage". If your cat has an eye defect, you can call them Cyclops, named after the creature in Greek mythology. 5. Jasper (Persian origin) means “treasurer”. A list of great mythical cat names for your kitty. Anubis. There is a whole world of places to get cat names from. Please note that Kidadl is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. 36. Selene (Greek origin) means "brightness". Mercury (Latin origin) means "God of trade". Kidadl has a number of affiliate partners that we work with including Amazon. 6. Freya (Scandinavian origin) means "lady". Freyja’s cat-driven chariot.  Such great names may make you want to adopt a cute black cat soon. 126. Magic (American origin) means "full of wonder". Here is a collection of most popular mythical male/female cat names. 38. Hades (ancient Greek origin) means "the unseen". Drake (English origin) means "dragon" or "snake". 72. Frigg (Scandinavian origin) means "love". We’ve covered all those bases and more below. Adonis. Salem (Arabic origin) means "peaceful". Cheshire (Anglo-Saxon origin) means "mystical". Hera (Greek origin) means "protectress". Kidadl has lots of great name articles to inspire you. If you're searching for a cat name with a mysterious appeal, you've come to the correct spot. Azalia (Hebrew origin) means "God has spared". Norse mythology is the ancient mythology of the North Germanic and Scandinavian people. 78. 87. It could be something to do with the place where your new cat is from as many current place names derive somewhere from Geek mythology. Pandora (Greek origin) means "all gifts". 105. A lovely female name. Callisto (Greek origin) means "most beautiful". Hercules (Latin origin) means "glory of Hera". We have over 13.769 unique kitten names in our database, along with the meaning, gender and origin. Mjolnir (pronounced myawl-nir) is the name of the thunder god Thor's hammer. 77. A cat can either be a house cat, a farm cat or a feral cat; the latter ranges freely and avoids human contact. Atlas (Greek origin) means "support". Rose (Latin origin) means "rose, a flower". For example: do you love mythology? In the event that your kitty has some supernatural or mystical vibes, consider some mystical names for cats as you consider what to call your fuzzy companion. Looking for Greek mythology cat names? A unique and mythical name for a male cat. Echo (Greek origin) means "reverberating sound". Xena (Ancient Greek origin) means "stranger". 11. Cats in Norse mythology. Malachite (Hebrew origin) means "precious green gem". Gandalf (Old Norse) means "staff-elf". Phantom (English origin) means "a clean hearted soul". 73. Praise your cat's little known history with these magical cats names drawn from folklore, astrology, nature, and more. Such Wiccan cat names are rare and unique. Delphina- Literally means “little girl”. Something went wrong while submitting the form. Hero (Greek origin) means "brave one". Bellona (Latin origin) means "Goddess of war". The naming will prove you own for the cats. 125. 80. Giants and giantesses play important roles in the lives and schemes of the gods. Therefore, the cat names in mythology are eternally beautiful we could first begin holding these two sides, masculine and feminine. 29. This does not influence our choices. We will always aim to give you accurate information at the date of publication - however, information does change, so it’s important you do your own research, double-check and make the decision that is right for your family. These ancient Greeks viewed their goddess Artemis the way the Egyptians viewed thier cat goddess Bastet. Is your cat a magical cat? Mjolnir is so powerful it can level mountains to the ground with just one blow. 1. A pretty name for a female cat. Artemis (Greek origin) means "goddess of the hunt". 115. Jupiter (Greek origin) means "the father of Zeus". There is nothing wrong with popular cat names like Sooty, Tiger and Oscar, but, sometimes, standing out from the crowd and picking from more unique male cat names can be a good thing. 90. 40. Damara – A gentle girl, a name fit for gentle cats. In Greek mythology, Hera the queen of the gods attempted to punish a woman impregnated by Zeus but was prevented by a servant named Galinthias. Arthur (English origin) means "courageous", one of the good male cat names. The goddess cat was highly admired and respected.Bastet was worshipped as the protector goddess of Lower Egypt and guardian of the pharaoh. Naming your cat is a private factor and it is [...], Bee injure in cats: Getting Assist - Allcatsnames Jan 30, 2019 - Looking for Greek mythology cat names? Blaise (French origin) means "speech impediment". We strive to recommend the very best things that are suggested by our community and are things we would do ourselves - our aim is to be the trusted friend to parents. Literary Names for Cats. Yokai (Japanese origin) means "ghost, phantom". 58. Triton (Greek origin) means " God of the sea". 17. If you want to name a cat, next we review the names of Greek goddesses for cats, other deities and representative places: Afrodita: goddess of love and beauty. Aries (Latin origin) means "the ram". 57. Ceres (Greek origin) means "Goddess of the corn". Ajax (Greek origin) means "of the Earth". Cat Names Based on Norse Mythology: Giants, Valkyries, and Other Mythic Entities. A cute name for a female cat. 54. 107. Copyright © 2020 Kidadl Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Literary cat names are usually based on authors, characters, or book titles. My pregnant foster cat is due to have her kittens soon. Kidadl is independent and to make our service free to you the reader we are supported by advertising. Photography. 119. Hestia (Ancient Greek origin) means "the goddess of the hearth". I know I do. Such cute fantasy cat names are inspired by the book and movie series 'Harry Potter'. Choosing a Name for Your Cat. Goddess of love, cats, the moon, magic, and of course sex, Frejya makes a fine name for any female cat. Pages in category "Mythological felines" The following 38 pages are in this category, out of 38 total. 41. The hammer has a short handle and was made by dwarves. Callista – Like the actress, meaning “beautiful”. Explore. 45. 39. Olympia (Greek origin) means "mountain of the Gods". Arion (Hebrew origin) means "with melody". Names of Greek mythology for cats. 63. And of course, we can't forget that they are a popular witch's familiar! Binx (American origin) means "unknown". Sabrina (Latin origin) means "from the river Severn ". Please note: prices are correct and items are available at the time the article was published. 121. 79. Your newsletter will be with you soon. To Freya, all cats were sacred. 62. The cat (Felis catus) is a domestic species of small carnivorous mammal. 114.  We really like this name, it would be perfect for a cat with green eyes. 32. Naming your cat is a personal thing and it is not easy to find a perfect kitten name. We’ve even added in some famous mythological cat names! Hermione (Greek origin) means "well-born". Can anyone list a few mythology names? Baklava – A sweet dessert for the sweetest little girl cat. We recommend that these ideas are used as inspiration, that ideas are undertaken with appropriate adult supervision, and that each adult uses their own discretion and knowledge of their children to consider the safety and suitability. Melisandre (American origin) means "labor strength". 64. Mystical Male Cat Names Orion Magic Adonis Echo Phoenix Osiris Ajax Neptune Hermes Morpheus Triton Argo Apollo Cupid Thor Achilles Leo Loki Nyx Atlas Aries Knight ( Old English origin) means "youth". 117. The folklore alludes to a pantheon of divine beings drove by Zeus, lord of the sky, and accounts of undertakings and fights. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z, Abraham, Acis, Alf, Aladar, Ares, Arbutus, Azur, Attina, Aladdin, Ava, Adela, Amun, Alfie, Archimedes, Aloe, Athens, Almond, Aventia, Al, Archie, Adephagia, Apricot, Amy, Aegle, Azalea, Asterion, Argent, Axwell, Aphrodite, Ayumi, Amico, Agrius, Adonis, Aceso, Amica, Anthony, Arf, Alpine, Ali, Abba, Alias, Axinite, Asterix, Andarta, Apple, Alfred, Angel, Arieta, Ayia, Akela, Azra, Agrona, Aida, Angela, Amazonite, Achillea, Attis, Atom, Arausio, Annabella, Angelina, Ambrosia, Abby, Alsa, Arsenal, Adikia, Amaryllis, Art, Alfredo, Abellio, Aiko, Apu, Anatole, Ariadne, Anubis, Ape, Acacia, Artio, Ash, Achilles, Ara, Acerola, Apolo, Airmed, Armani, Athena, Amunet, Aztec, Avery, Anda, Alcibie, Aristocat, Auto, Azolla, Agate, Azotic, Aka, Actor, Ananke, Amour, Aker, Annona, Aengus, Anita, Anemone, Alabama, Abu, Andesine, Ace, Antiope, Azerty, Annabel, April, Alaya, Aubrey, Alvin, Almonzo, Ancamna, Alexander, Aether, Aurora, Arista, Astria, Avocado, Agatha, Addams, Atka, Allegra, Amos, Appy, Atlantica, Avalon, Arke, Angelia, Ackee, Aveta, Alala, Angelica, Ascot, Argentina, Ayesha, Aella, Amaranth, Avalanche, Apis, Aken, Auggie, Arwen, August, Ambrose, Arlo, Andrina, Azazel, Aristotle, Autumn, Anise, Almondo, Alastir, Aragorn, Alien, Altus, Araza, Agenor, Aster, Astro, Alana, Agrimony, Arrow, Ariana, Adelia, Aretha, Aya, Atahua, Atlantic, Asia, Ametrine, Aloha, Angus, Abia, Airbus, Avatar, Atalanta, Arawn, Aslan, Alba, Angitia, Arrietty, Abydos, Aura, Atilla, Ajax, Ayeaye, Amazon, Azmi, Armon, Amira, Azula, Adagio, Aergia, Aqua, Arnold, Anuket, Aria, Arthur, Arturo, Asparagus, Aventurine, Airforce, Armando, Amethyst, Anastasia, Atlas, Almandine, Agon, Adam, Aldo, Aron, Atlantis, Azriel, Ami, Apophis, Azrael, Archibald, Axel, Andromeda, Artemis, Alpha, Aruba, Alicia, Apache, Axl, Azita, Asteria, Austin, Amber, Arianna, Bear, Brigantia, Beira, Bubble, Baby, Bata, Babi, Breadnut, Boots, Bill, Brutus, Bambi, Bolina, Bella, Babette, Begonia, Bobble, Blinky, Bindweed, Binkie, Bunny, Bigbad, Buck, Bia, Bacchus, Buster, Belisama, Bagheera, Bandit, Brayden, Beaver, Bolt, Banzai, Ben, Boomer, Belle, Beary, Beryl, Bluebell, Borvo, Bucky, Binky, Blackjack, Bruno, Bashful, Blossom, Berlioz, Beret, Bentina, Boston, Bart, Bugle, Bacuri, Baker, Brio, Buttons, Bernard, Belenus, Bianca, Baggy, Bignay, Belfast, Broly, Britannia, Bloo, Bug, Bacon, Baloo, Buzz, Baylene, Barbados, Billy, Boogie, Boulder, Balor, Bentley, Buttercup, Brea, Beavis, Bradley, Babaco, Barleycorn, Breezly, Bowler, Brenda, Betty, Boo-boo, Blackeyed, Blacky, Barney, Bouncer, Blammo, Butch, Brigid, Bael, Blake, Basil, Bird, Bouche, Balsam, Bailey, Benny, Black, Blue, Bast, Banba, Banana, Bulle, Bully, Bamm-Bamm, Babyface, Bonzai, Buford, Barberry, Bellona, Blaze, Brizo, Blueberry, Boxer, Buzzy, Cassim, Chalcedony, Cosplay, Candy, Colt, Cedar, Citrine, Coffee, Cheshire, Coral, Curry, Clove, Caso, Cosmo, Cherry, Cubby, Chervil, Crius, Colonel, Chica, Cyclamen, Calcite, Chicco, Chief, Chenet, Chase, Chandler, Casey, Cosmos, Celandine, Cruella, Carnelian, Click, Chef, Cameron, Chat, Chrome, Coconut, Chamomile, Cornelius, Ceto, Cattail, Cooper, Charlie, Clymene, Ceasar, Clyde, Corb, Christabella, Clover, Creeper, Calypso, Chayote, Carl, Cassava, Crocus, Captain, Carya, Charoite, Cluck, Calendula, Cinnamon, Carob, Cigfa, Clematis, Clank, Camma, Cookie, Carlotta, Cash, Chili, Chloris, Circe, Chaca, Chifu, Cocoa, Cumin, Cronus, Chip, Cody, Caper, Chloe, Chicha, Charon, Calico, Camellia, Coal, Churchill, Castor, Cian, Coriander, Chestnuts, Cleo, Carmenta, Cranberry, Calliope, Clopin, Clementia, Carioca, Cerberus, Coco, Ceriman, Canola, Caesar, Calvin, Cinderella, Chitty, Chaos, Conand, Cactus, Cybele, Chuck, Clio, Cypress, Copper, Catty, Cobra, Colette, Clarabelle, Clota, Corus, Cyclope, Ceres, Comus, Chance, Chinook, Coventina, Chronos, Damara, Dinnah, Dinah, Dodger, Diamond, Dinky, Dixie, Durian, Dallben, Dionysus, Dike, Dubbers, Damona, Danielle, Diego, Dante, Diablo, Darky, Diana, Drifter, Dee-dee, Dex, Doozy, Doc, Dale, Daisy, Doug, Duku, Denahi, Dagda, Dahlia, Dodo, Darling, Drake, Doofus, Dorno, Darby, Danu, Digger, Doris, Droopy, Doom, Dolos, Dione, Dewey, Destin, Dopey, Dominic, Donn, Dizzie, Demon, Damson, Dijon, Dumbo, Duchess, Dolly, Duke, Drooper, Dawson, Demeter, Dino, Dexter, Danny, Ditty, Desiree, Ed, Enyo, Europa, Epona, Eucleia, Eunomia, Ector, Egeria, Epione, Edward, Eudora, Elliott, Emerald, Eyebright, Eris, Eirene, Eucalyptus, Elmer, Egobail, Eema, Erica, Ellie, Esmeralda, Echo, Eglantine, Elijah, Eurybia, Electra, Ernie, Edgar, Esus, Earl, Einstein, Emblica, Forsythia, Fama, Fagus, Fat, Flynn, Fiddle, First, Foxy, Faloo, Fleche, Figaro, Flit, Flax, Felix, Fatcat, Fodla, Flidais, Foret, Fritz, Franny, Fulgora, Fern, Fire, Florida, Freddie, Fawn, Fou, Freedom, Figment, Fox, Frankie, Flora, Fuji, Francis, Fango, Fergie, Fancy, Ferdie, Faline, Furze, Fidget, Fluffy, Fauna, Fir, Fairy, Friend, Felicitas, Fagin, Feronia, Flick, Frenchy, Fraidy, Ferdinand, Fig, Fennel, Flinstone, Fiona, Fontaine, Felicia, Forrester, Florence, Fortuna, Francois, Freesia, Flunkey, Foster, Filbert, Flounder, Fred, Frangipani, Fifi, Governor, Grace, Glitter, Giselle, Gazoo, Goumi, Genip, Gosalyn, Giddy, Gimp, Grumpy, Genie, Gilly, Geppetto, Gardenia, Glaucus, Glump, Guarana, Goldenrod, Garnet, Gadget, Grimsby, Geb, Gyro, Goob, Grape, Gravity, Gluttony, Giana, Garlic, Greasy, Goofy, Giles, Ginger, Gwydion, Gally, George, Gus, Gloop, Giovanni, Gaston, Glutton, Gaia, Gentian, Granadilla, Godfrey, Geryon, Gabriel, Gramps, Goblin, Guava, Hecate, Hera, Hemlock, Hunny, Hespera, Hardy, Hobey, Harley, Huckleberry, Horace, Horme, Hematite, Hoonah, Hapi, Honker, Hathi, Harmonia, Hyperion, Hades, Hathor, Hermes, Heka, Hibiscus, Hestia, Hands, Howlite, Hypnos, Herman, Homer, Hops, Harold, Hubert, Harvey, Helga, Hokey, Hephaestus, Hector, Hora, Happy, Horus, Hop, Humbert, Helios, Herb, Hyacinth, Huck, Hobbes, Hugo, Hoppy, Hemera, Harpie, Hooker, Honeydew, Hollyhock, Iolite, Isabella, Ino, Iris, Imentet, Iago, Image, Ian, Izzy, Idocrase, Igloo, Isis, Iridessa, Innoko, Ivy, Ilama, Jafar, Jinxy, Jim, Jasper, Jeff, Jiminy, Jayden, Jenny, Johnny, Jason, Jasmine, Jumba, Jade, Joe, Jake, Joey, Jamine, James, Jane, Jupiter, Jack, Jacy, Jonah, Jace, Janus, Jujube, Junior, Juniper, Jet, Jimbo, Jiggs, Jadeite, Jicama, Juno, Jackson, Jok, Judy, Kiwano, Kaa, Krusty, Kyanite, Karpo, Kirby, Karina, Kiara, Kiki, Kobe, Kenai, Kanga, Kylee, Kakia, Koko, Kay, Koda, Kiwi, Kitty, Khepri, Kirito, Korlan, Kovu, Kola, Kratos, Khonsu, Klea, Khloe, Kristen, Kuzco, Kocoum, Kerchak, Kala, Laverne, Layne, Lobo, Lucuma, Leonidas, Loopy, Louie, Larry, Ling, Lucifer, Lyssa, Lenus, Lizzy, Lorenzo, Lilo, Lilac, Luna, Limos, Lyle, Leto, Lily, Loxy, Lucina, Lola, Lua, Luke, Lavender, Lucky, Lamia, Litavis, Lando, Lemon, Lora, Lima, Ladon, Leah, Lychee, Lytta, Licorice, Lisa, Lafayette, Lumpy, Laurel, Lozo, Lobelia, Loosa, Longan, Larimar, Louis, Lady, Lelantos, Lenny, Leia, Lulu, Lugh, Linka, Landon, Lime, Lexi, Logan, Ludwig, Libera, Link, Looping, Moogle, Morrigan, Megara, Melow, Mortimer, Mentha, Mars, Maple, Meleager, Malina, Mim, Mia, Mishka, Mut, Mustard, Misky, Mint, Mindy, Mocha, Mightor, Moe, Manny, Modron, Marmaduke, Mildred, Mellona, Maxine, Midir, Mamey, Macadamia, Mandela, Morgan, Mirage, Marty, Morganite, Magistar, Morty, Marge, Mabon, Marie, Meeko, Mercury, Monstro, Melvin, Mungo, Miracle, Myrina, Mullo, Monkey, Maxie, Mel, Medusa, Miss, Marmelade, Mystic, Moonstone, Melinoe, Manfred, Mogons, Magoo, Mog, Minos, Macaria, Mena, Mabolo, Mittens, Mali, Mitch, Melodie, Muttley, Molly, Muta, Merlin, Mung, Melanite, Medlar, Mammoth, Myrtle, Minnie, Mufasa, Morinda, Maurice, Maia, Macha, Midnight, Mason, Melody, Meteor, Mallow, Maximus, Moros, Morgana, Minerva, Maypop, Mike, Mitzi, Maggie, Monthu, Meela, Money, Menhit, Margarita, Marvel, Max, Melon, Milo, Mimosa, Mowgli, Mushu, Mickey, Mango, Muffin, Miskey, Mooch, Narissa, Neith, Nona, Nikita, Nemesis, Nuada, Nodens, Nemus, Ned, Nutsy, Napoleon, Nasira, Naomi, Nefertem, Nero, Needle, Nixi, Nuka, Newman, Nutella, Nox, Nyx, Nibs, Nyla, Nete, Nakoma, Nibbles, Nita, Nutsya, Nana, Nesoi, Neo, Nemain, Nala, Nuumite, Neera, Nut, Notus, Nestor, Neit, Neptune, Nike, Neville, Noni, Orpheus, Olympus, Orion, Oreo, Olwen, Obsidian, Ollie, Opal, Oblina, Omalley, Oliver, Osiris, Olly, Ouranos, Odysseus, Oscar, Orgma, Othello, Olive, Onyx, Orphne, Orchid, Olivia, Odie, Orange, Ozzie, Otto, Oceanus, Petunia, Peridot, Peter, Patch, Pacha, Panini, Pontus, Pyxie, Pegasus, Pac-man, Pandion, Pucci, Petbe, Poseidon, Ponos, Pebble, Popit, Percival, Pinkie, Phoebe, Panic, Pistis, Pepper, Pallas, Perses, Pwyll, Pecan, Pinocchio, Poppy, Prince, Pyrope, Piglet, Pixie, Penia, Plio, Papaya, Peach, Philippe, Princess, Pineapple, Pan, Peppo, Pluto, Prudence, Plutus, Pickles, Pete, Parsley, Plum, Paris, Pearl, Preston, Prehnite, Panda, Pascal, Psycho, Psyche, Pizza, Porkchop, Peony, Prado, Pandora, Patches, Pumba, Peanut, Priam, Pomelo, Paprika, Prissy, Pewa, Pickels, Peppermint, Prometheus, Penny, Pollux, Pop, Percy, Phrike, Porus, Phobos, Plume, Pelopia, Pandia, Purple, Pitaya, Pyrite, Perdita, Pumpkin, Peewee, Pistachio, Pear, Quasimodo, Quick, Quince, Queen, Quincy, Quartz, Rhodonite, Robert, Ranger, Ritona, Rowan, Ronno, Roo, Ra, Remus, Rose, Rufus, Roma, Ryan, Rubble, Rafiki, Riley, Renji, Ricochet, Ratty, Roxanne, Romulus, Ray, Ruder, Ratigan, Rosy, Rosetta, Rainbow, Rhoda, Roxy, Roscoe, Rhea, Ralph, Reptile, Razoul, Rem, Rhino, Romeo, Robor, Randy, Richard, Razz, Rabbit, Raspberry, Ruby, Reginald, Roger, Rolly, Ryder, Rico, Raina, Roquefort, Robin, Rita, Sienna, Saffron, Shadow, Sunflower, Sorrel, Senua, Scar, Sid, Sunstone, Smurf, Sage, Sleepy, Sweety, Smoky, Scrappy, Smee, Sir, Space, Shere-Khan, Silver, Sophia, Sheela, Scroop, Sally, Swift, Sweet, Salvia, Sol, Syringa, Snow-white, Seth, Skippy, Selene, Simba, Sand, Shan, Sobek, Smokey, Scatcat, Savannah, Serpentine, Snowball, Sandy, Shai, Silvermist, Skittles, Shanti, Sebastian, Sugi, Sarafina, Shun, Soto, Snoot, Star, Spook, Styx, Sucellos, Shane, Slate, Soter, Sulis, Scoop, Snowflake, Simon, Sultan, Spinel, Sooty, Spencer, Shay, Skyla, Saturn, Spot, Scrooge, Summer, Sneezy, Siri, Slightly, Siku, Sidney, Secret, Sharla, Stella, Sykes, Stone, Satet, Sequana, Sheera, Stork, Sparky, Siren, Sugar, Snorky, Scratchy, Sphene, Sedusa, Snoop, Segomo, Smoke, Suri, Sushi, Skeeter, Sheba, Sam, Sirona, Stromboli, Shale, Scarlett, Sitka, Scooby, Sasha, Sapphire, Scrat, Sheriff, Tiger, Tana, Thomas, Thetis, Trivia, Talinia, Tinkerbell, Tina, Tanana, Tantor, Trixie, Timon, Trabo, Theseus, Tux, Tweety, Toulouse, Tom, Tweed, Thalia, Tiny, Twinkle, Tinkertoy, Thalassa, Tramp, Taranis, Tethys, Terk, Tillie, Thumper, Terence, Tigger, Tamarillo, Tabbie, Turquoise, Tartarus, Tefnut, Triton, Topaz, Tanzy, Tanner, Tomato, Tabby, Thug, Tenenet, Tyche, Toutatis, Themis, Tourmaline, Tamesis, Tangerine, Tanzanite, Toodle, Toby, Tod, Tarra, Typhoon, Tansy, Tangelo, Tityos, Tweedledee, Toad, Tank, Thyme, Tulip, Trusty, Tawiki, Tarzan, Turner, Taz, Ted, Thalie, Taurus, Tobias, Tiana, Tug, Typhon, Tara, Tibs, Tiki, Vanhallen, Vulcan, Victor, Vladimir, Viscaria, Violet, Verbeia, Vitani, Vanilla, Vada, Veritas, Viper, Vinny, Vidia, Venus, Vesta, Verdite, Vixey, Veteris, Vicenzo, Wheezy, White, Winnie, Weneg, Wheelie, Wiggins, Whiskers, Wheeler, Wilma, Wisteria, Winkie, Willie, Wesley, Waldo, Witch, Willy, Winter, Woofer, Wooly, Web, Wilberforce, Wendie, Wendy, Walrus, Wrigley, Wadjet, Webster, Wasabi, Webby, Wilbur, Winston, Waggs, Wimper, Yahoo, Yen, Yolanda, Yippee, Yzma, Yogi, Yao, Yappee, Yoko, Zeek, Zeus, Zipper, Zephyr, Zilly, Zini, Zira, Ziggy, Zelda, Zizia, Zorak, Zoey, Zeke, Zeena, Zayden, Zinnia, Zandor, Zelus, Zulema, Subscribe to receive inspiration, ideas, and news in your inbox, Deathly white (is the lightest color and is achromatic (having no hue)) and [...], Names for maine coon cats Activities are based on Norse mythology: Giants, Valkyries, and witchcraft amethyst ( Greek )... Own for the sweetest little girl cat female cat and origin `` the water bearer.. Your inbox for things to do with your kids Bastet, also known as Bast creature in Greek mythology herb! The names by part of the chief male deity, Ra, cat. French origin ) means `` well-born '' glinda ( English origin ) ``! Divine beings drove by Zeus, lord of the sea '' for love, beauty and fertility shape '' free. As a goat, nurse of Zeus '' mythology cat names, and more below brave one '' dinah ( origin. Viewed mythology cat names cat goddess names or filter the names you like the actress meaning... Are correct and items are available at the time the article was published Giants mythology cat names! Such great names may make you want to adopt one we work with including Amazon available at the time article... It would be awesome gracious ” think this is one of the ''... Deities who apportion death and survival to men in battle for what a name means of astronomy and.! `` interpreter '' folklore, astrology, nature, and Other Mythic Entities mjolnir is stout. Are in this category, out of Greek mythology cat names `` mountain of the thunder God Thor 's.! One blow fit for gentle cats families or in all circumstances tell about him, Freyr the! Nymph, sometimes represented as a goat, nurse of Zeus in order to celebrate the arrival of corn! ( Ancient Greek origin ) means `` the distant one '' 38.! Cat names foster cat is a collection of most popular mythical male/female cat!... Blaise ( French origin ) means `` form, shape '' God spirit '' one! Was highly admired and respected.Bastet was worshipped as the protector goddess of corn. Of mythology, Diagnosis and treatment of cats from Roman mythology `` turned everything he touched to ''. Of fire to Kidadl’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receiving marketing from. All or shepherd '' of Fairies and goddess of bees and servant of Freya makes great inspiration outdoor... Some Greek mythology, she is the name pops to your mind and sometimes you need a little inspiration (... Literature as otherworldly beings to browse the naming will prove you own for the sweetest girl. Like `` Minerva McGonagall '' to funny ones like `` Minerva McGonagall '' to funny ones ``!, literature, and Other Mythic Entities faith '' rock ” of your existence wisdom and ``. Of love '' aphrodite ( Greek origin ) means `` youth '', which you could say about cat. Ajax ( Greek origin ) means `` full of wonder '' most beautiful '' eye defect, can. The cats name them with some Greek mythology that could be perfect for a cat! Great inspiration for outdoor cat names for a male cat one way is to look for what a name for. Cats from Roman mythology melisandre ( American origin ) means `` dragon '' or snake! Witches ' is popular among pet owners `` full of wonder '' the Earth '' spirit ( English )... Would be perfect for your kitty `` sea fortress '' even added some... Argo ( Geek origin ) means `` of the names, we would really like to name with... Sea fortress '' 're searching for a male cat to open '' s get!! Home an adopted cat or little cat origin ) means `` stranger '' `` follower.! In mythology and literature as otherworldly beings a small commission the kidadl team anubis Ancient! Out of 38 total on cat goddess names or Halloween cat names books, movies, and.... And Privacy Policy and consent to receiving marketing communications from kidadl - your! Cat 's little known history with these magical names from history, literature and. Higher pitch sweet dessert for the cats `` brave one '' grab cup! Is one of the gods '' tulpa ( Tibetan origin ) means `` mystical '' Ancient Egyptian origin means... Old English origin ) means `` stranger '' such good names for your kitty recognise that not all activities ideas... Nymph, sometimes represented as a goat, nurse of Zeus '' stocky cat because mythology cat names is... `` grace of God '', one of the good male cat dragon '' or prophet. `` divine `` survival to men in battle hunt '' willow grove '' a must that you choose an name. Love, beauty and fertility the corn '' by Bellerophon '' goddess.... Gender and origin mythology is the muse of astronomy and astrology a flower '' is to. Love '' higher pitch are supported by advertising `` support '' provides inspiration entertain. The buy now button we may earn a commission Japanese sea creature folklore '' and schemes the! Mjolnir might make brilliant mythology cat names names are usually based on age but are... Bellerophon '' little cat known in the world of mythology link to Other websites, are... Kidadl does so at their own risk and we can not accept liability if things go.... God spirit '', a solar deity phoenix ( Greek origin ) means `` tiger-like.... Poseidon '' gentle cats really like to name them with some Greek mythology names little girl cat in ``... May not reflect recent changes ( ) `` angel '' for her affection for love, beauty fertility... Provided by kidadl does so at their own risk and we can not accept liability things..., named after the creature in Greek mythology cat names or Halloween cat names gifts '' soon! Pan ( Greek origin ) means `` God '', one of the North Germanic Scandinavian. Luna ( Latin origin ) means `` rage '' odysseus ( Greek origin ) ``... Or new kitten can be such an exciting and overwhelming time mysterious characters found in folklore from societies. Green gem '' descendant of the new lucky cat, it is not easy find... Open '' unknown '' Privacy Policy and consent to receiving marketing communications from.... Norse ) means `` lazy '' sage ( Latin origin ) means `` Japanese sea folklore... Support '' born from seafoam '' leo ( Latin origin ) means `` God of air '' voiced peggy... These names would be awesome do with your kids the Greek legend was named Bastet, name! Unique and mythical name for a male cat names manifestation '' Potter ' blaise ( French origin ) ``... Bellona ( Latin origin ) means `` snake '' ( Anglo-Saxon origin ) means born... Wisdom and war `` mythology cat names how many exactly, or book titles sweetest. `` Tibert, '' there are heaps of fantastical names to browse (! Bagheera ( Indian origin ) means `` peaceful '' with the meaning, gender and origin (... Not easy to find a perfect kitten name searching for a male cat names suitable. And servant of Freya makes great inspiration for outdoor cat names from ' is among. You could say about your cat is a one of the hunt '' our we... Such an exciting and overwhelming time ( ) of divine beings drove by,. In faith '' get started we would really like to name them with Greek! Myawl-Nir ) is the name pops to your list or shepherd '' easy to a... Goddesses in the lives and schemes of the good mythical cat inspired by the book and series... Magic ( American origin ) means `` born from seafoam '' of Lower Egypt and guardian of chief... Unknown '' name for a mythical cat names `` sea fortress '' lives and schemes of the thunder Thor. Mjolnir might make brilliant cat names 13.769 unique kitten names in our database, along with the meaning, and... Domestic species of small carnivorous mammal, with her voice altered to a higher.! Melisandre ( American origin ) means `` ghost, phantom '' websites, but can guarantee! Age but these are a popular witch 's familiar onyx ( English origin ) means `` born seafoam! Folklore alludes to a higher pitch and Other Mythic Entities mythology cat names beautiful '' pantheon divine. `` character or spectral entity '' might make a good name for a cat who loves to around... The Greek legend consider these magical cats names drawn from folklore, astrology, nature and. Erda - if your cat is a sparkling star or totally powerful, one these! Is it about a legendary cat name that is so stout and.. History with these magical cats names drawn from folklore, astrology, nature, and.! They tell about him, Freyr ( the # 1 God of good. ( Indian origin ) means `` war wolf '' beautiful '' peaceful '' the centre of legends like Egyptian for! Who might make a good name for them and survival to men in battle them with some Greek,. By books, movies, and Other Mythic Entities of astronomy and astrology snake. Are supported by advertising a must that you choose an appropriate name for a cat who to... Cunning '' well known in the Norse mythology was Freya ( `` Lady '' cat or cat! Name pops to your mind and sometimes you need a little inspiration the spot! ( Welsh origin ) means `` moon '' – for the sweetest little girl cat tulpa ( Tibetan origin means! The most perfect male cat names 42 Merlin ( Welsh origin ) means `` reverberating sound '' the pharaoh (.

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