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Religious orders and localities began adopting the Presentation of Mary as their patronal feast. The annual event in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary has taken place the first weekend in August since 1978 on the 28-acre (110,000 m 2) campus of the Congregation of the Mother of the Redeemer (CRM) in Carthage, Missouri. It is SO SO SO much better to be in Italy than in the U.S. on a Marian feast day! There is no firm structure as to the content of a May devotion. The most prominent Marian feast days in the General Roman Calendar are: January 1: Mary, the Holy Mother of God March 25: The Annunciation of the Lord (it may be either moved to the day before Palm Sunday should this date be on Holy Week ; or to the Monday after the second Sunday of Easter if this date falls on either Friday or Saturday of Holy Week or during Easter Week [12] ) 2019-2020 is liturgical year A. are always obligatory. Many bring statues or paintings to be blessed. 2020 Holy Days of Obligation: Sundays (including Epiphany, Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, Pentecost, etc.) Minor feasts are in regular face. Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. In Uncategorized. Date Last Updated: 16th August 2020. Our Lady of FatimaApril 10 May 13. ayout="in-article" data-ad-format="fluid" data-ad-client="ca-pub-2339641363807067" data-ad-slot="8496624660">