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Paul: Honey I made a reservation at China Garden, is that okay? (He hands it to her and Phoebe poses in front of one of those small mirrors.) Phoebe: Wow! It was Chandler! Then, take the tiara back and let me hold the musket again. I would like to see that ring please. I’m just saying y’know, if we’re having sex, he’s not gonna be talking. Rachel: All right Paul, I’m not asking for a lot here. Friends was produced by Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions, in association with Warner Bros. Television. How much is it? Paul: It was horrible. I… I-I don’t mean—I didn’t mean to stifle you. into the Ring wraiths: Terrible shadows under his great shadow.....who roamed the world, searching for the One Ring. (Reaches for it then realizes) Oh no! (Paul rushes over and hugs Chandler tightly.) While you were talking! Rachel: Oh that’s right. Oh hey! ], Paul: That was…so good. (Holding it out for her.). (Picks one up from the display in the corner. See, if I’m not buried with that ring then my spirit is going to wander the nether world for all eternity…. (Does so and laughs.) Monica's the wedding planner and she's driving Phoebe nuts. Chandler: No-no! Chandler: Well, it’s because I trust you, you’re one of my best friends, and you walked in on me when I was looking at ring brochures. That’s really great! What do you say we umm… (Nods in the direction of the bedroom. It’s really, it’s beautiful, but umm, what do you say we go share some food? Giphy Link Two friends were fishing in the Great River one day. (Throws the box down in disgust. Paul: That’s exactly what my dad used to say! Can you just imagine getting down on one knee and handing her this gorgeous piece of weaponry? [Scene: Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe's, Phoebe is at the sink and Chandler is looking at a ring brochure.]. My back pocket! Now, if you’ll excuse me. The season contains 25 episodes and concluded airing on May 15, 1997. HTML5 links autoselect optimized format. Joey: I say push her down the stairs. Look, this is the most important thing I’m gonna do in my life. "The One With The Ring" is the twenty-third episode of the sixth season of Friends, which aired on May 11, 2000. Rachel: Okay. I-I wish he would just tell me the truth. (Pause) Let me see the ring. I was gonna wait ‘til uh, it was official y’know? What are you talking about?! Ugly ring! Paul: I wanted to be one with the waves, y’know? (She runs after him, but sets of the security system, which locks the store’s door and brings down a set of bars behind her, caging her in.) 海外ドラマ『フレンズ』の台本(スクリプト)印刷用のPDFファイルです。印刷して学習したい人はこちらのPDFファイルをご活用ください。 『フレンズ』スクリプトの印刷用・PDF一覧 みなさまからのご要望が多かったので、スクリプトを印刷できるように致しました。 [Scene: Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe's, Monica is there as Rachel enters.]. Chandler: Pheebs, can you help me pick out an engagement ring for Monica? ), (Joey returns with a piece of pizza as Chandler and Phoebe exit. (They shake hands.) Okay. One and a half carat easy. Joey: Oh wow that’s a great idea! ), Joey: Oh, I’m sorry. What ever happened to that little dude. The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Movie Script Chapters 1 to 4 The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition Movie Script Scenes 1 to 4 UK Lord of the Rings fan site with a huge community forum, information about the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books and movies, the characters, the actors and the Movie Scripts with a Elven Name translator. Let’s go. Phoebe: Oh my God Chandler, the one you picked is gone. Ross: Y’know what? [Scene: Joey and Rachel's, Joey and Ross are watching TV as Chandler enters.]. It’ll be fun! I’m a little mad at him now. (Goes to another display counter.) ], [Time Lapse, Paul is now weeping uncontrollably in Rachel’s arms. ), Joey: Whoa-whoa-hey-hey! Hard to close ‘em. Chandler: (to him) Hi! So Chandler, wanna go to the coffeehouse? Phoebe: Huh? You-you were eating pizza. You guys are gonna be so happy! Paul: I’m thinking that you are looking really fine it that dress. Yes, but I can only pay $8,000. (To the jeweler) What do you think, too much? Listen to this! Should I get her a (turning to each page) Tiffany cut or a Princess cut or a—ah-ah! That guy is always mooching off of us! (Ross and Joey look at each other and go back to watching the game on TV.) I just wanna know what, what is behind this-this strong, silent exterior. Joey: Yes, it’s in my… In…in my pocket. Like uh, maybe we could get him to get tickets to another Knicks game and invite him. Guys?! Phoebe: Oh I know, I helped pick out the ring. Elrond: "The Ring cannot be destroyed, Gimli, son of Glóin, by any craft that we here possess. I'll Be There For You is a book for everyone, from Friends fanatics who want to rack up trivia to Friends skeptics who want to know what the fuss is about.” Refinery29 “A delightfully mixed bag: Miller shares the play­ers’ origin stories and gives insight into how TV shows are made. Joey: (holding an empty tissue box) Where’s all the tissues?! Rachel: I don’t care about the little dude! Directed by Gary Halvorson. Ross: Hey, remember how Chandler and Phoebe blew us off yesterday? ], [Scene: Central Perk, Ross is on the couch and Joey is entering. Hey, what are you thinking? Read the Friends: 207: The One Where Ross Finds Out script, written by Michael Borkow. Phoebe: Yeah well, once again not knocking pays off. Joey: Oh it’s water under the bridge, forget it! Anyway, I-I still think we should try to patch things up, y’know? Joey: Come on! Chandler: I’m gonna ask Monica to marry me. Male Jeweler: (angrily) Are you interested in this ring?! Can I see this one? Directed by Peter Bonerz. You know, just hang Chandler: Yeah, check out the ring. Rachel: Like a little girl. Rachel: (gasps) Nice! Monica never even saw the other ring. Friends Countdown: The One With the Deleted Scenes By Vicky Gan 408017_09_emmynom Photo: NBC For a show that lasted ten seasons, Friends left remarkably few scenes on the cutting-room floor. ], [Scene: Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe's, Monica is there as Rachel enters. Y’know, like-like your childhood! Chandler is showing Rachel the ring.]. ), [Scene: A Jewelry Shop, Chandler and Phoebe are looking at engagement rings. Rachel: Good. [Time Lapse, Paul is now weeping uncontrollably in Rachel’s arms.]. Thanks to Eric Aasen for the scripts. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I know. Okay, go, go, go get him. ], (Joey and Ross enter causing Chandler to quickly hide the brochure behind his back. Chandler: (goes to hug him and stops short) Heyyyy—What? Listen, Paul, I think this is really great that-that y’know, you shared your feelings. (Gets up to leave, but Paul doesn’t move.). I mean… We’re gonna be brothers-in-law! He’s… He’s mad at you! Male Jeweler: This ring is from the 1920s, it’s a one and a half carat diamond with sapphires on either side. Help me! I still have a little scare right here (points to it) you can see it. Paul: Oh Rachel, I’m so sorry. But, in exchange I’m willing to trade you this beautiful, more expensive ring. (Hugs him.) Phoebe: So how are things going with Paul? I know how to haggle. Umm, I gotta go to the store; I told him that I would buy him some more tissues. (Gets up and starts to leave with Paul. (Holds out the ring, deadpan.) Monica: Y’know, I only know of two surefire ways to shut a man up. Chandler: Uh, credit card. GIPHY is how you search, share, discover, and create GIFs. Ross: Wait a minute, is this, is this for real? Chandler: Phoebe, I asked you to guard the ring! She’s got earrings, rings, bracelets, and enough necklaces to put Mr. T to shame on.]. When just 14 hours ago we figured out that that is exactly what my mother was trying to do to me! Maybe you get her an engagement bracelet, y’know? Okay! Listen! ], (Phoebe turns to Rachel and mimes remove a lid of a jar. (To the jeweler) How much is it? (They hug.). Tell me about your childhood! You’re good! [The Ring remains intact with the shards of the axe all around it. Ugly ring! Chandler: (re TV) Ooh, she should not be wearing those pants. Believe me. Do you know how much money I could’ve made listening to you? (They hug.) Monica: I don’t know, I’ve never had to use the other one. And then it’s only because they get paid $100 an hour! ), [Scene: Joey and Rachel's, continued from earlier. (To the jeweler) Listen, I’m sorry about before. It’s over! CHANDLER: You know, I don't get this. Ross: Yeah! Ross: Remember? Phoebe: Yeah well, once again not knocking pays off. Phoebe: Yeah, do you want to break a dying woman’s heart? ), (They shake hands and their lines overlap. (To his girlfriend) And you are about to marry a wonderful man! https://friends.fandom.com/wiki/The_One_With_The_Ring/Transcript?oldid=39734. Chandler: Sir, can I ask you to umm, could you…hold out that ring and ask me to marry you? The American sitcom Friends was created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, and produced by Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television for NBC.The series began with the pilot episode, which was broadcast on September 22, 1994; the series finished its ten-season run on May 6, 2004, with 236 episodes. And one of them is sex. I didn’t mean to do that! No actually that’s… (In a sexy voice) That’s great! (They both reflect on that briefly) Anyway uh, great idea! Synopsis A drunken Rachel calls Ross and reveals her feelings for him on his answering machine. Tell me about your day. You guard the ring. (The scene on TV has changed to show two women, one is holding her hair.) Chandler: (interrupting her) Okay, that’s enough honey! The One After Joey And Rachel Kiss 第2話 The One Where Ross Is Fine 第3話 The One With Ross' Tan 第4話 The One With The Cake 第5話 The One Where Rachel's Sister Baby-sits 第6話 The One With Ross' Grant 第7話 第8 I like this one! Vist The Complete Friends Script … Normally, the One Ring appeared perfectly plain and featureless, but when heated in a fire the inscription appeared … I… This is all just a little overwhelming. I know. Phoebe: Okay umm, I’d also like to try on the tiara. Guys? ), [Scene: Central Perk, Ross and Joey are there.]. But y’know, this ring is better! Okay, come on. Phoebe: It’s not a stupid gumball machine looking ring! ], [Scene: Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe's, Chandler is looking at the ring he bought and not liking it. Do you have anything her for $10. 「FRIENDS」は1994年9月22日からスタートし、2004年5月6日まで放送されました。放送終了後、オリジナルのTVチャンネルであるTBSは再放送を繰り返し、2012年3月現在でも、ほぼ毎日TVで普通に目にすることが出来ます。それほど ], [Scene: Joey and Rachel's, Paul is still crying as Chandler enters. Ross: Okay. Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, The One with the Morning After (2), After Ross has spent the night with Chloe from the copy place, Rachel calls and tells him … They called me chicken boy. (She stunned and he’s horrified.) How are ya Paul? Y’know I gotta tell ya, sometimes I just—I don’t get Chandler. Phoebe: Oh, if that’s what you want you then you really should run his head under hot water and bang his head against a table. Phoebe: Well you certainly can’t give her that stupid gumball ring. (Feeling his shoulder.) Paul: Chicken? Joey: Hey-hey-hey-ho-ho, I got this one. (Pause) I’m gonna ask Monica to marry me. I’m sorry. ], Chandler: No. Ugly ring! Ross enters and Paul motions for Rachel to leave with him now. Phoebe: Chandler, I-I will handle this! So maybe we can get him to trade rings or something. Joey: Oh hey listen I got us tickets to a Knicks game tonight. Phoebe: I know, I’m sorry! ), Phoebe: Oh my God!! Y’know, the only person who would want to listen to this is a mental health professional! Paul: Wait! ], [Scene: A Restaurant, Chandler and Phoebe are entering. This is the place where the guy who bought Chandler’s ring is going to propose. Anything! (They lean over to try and watch the TV, Chandler mimics them.) ], (Chandler laughs, turns, and sees that Ross and Joey aren’t happy. The Age of the Ring. Phoebe: Okay, so maybe you don’t get her a ring. Phoebe: Come on Ross, you’re a paleontologist, dig a little deeper. Hi. (Phoebe turns to Rachel and mimes remove a lid of a jar. I didn’t mean to overwhelm you. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line . Just give me something. Male Jeweler: Okay. Copyright (C) 1000時間クエスト in ENGLISH QUEST Group All Rights Reserved. Phoebe: No that’s what you do when you want to get the truth out of someone. at first Ross chooses Joey to be his best man but after a mishap at his bachelor party, he decides he wants both Joey and Will you marry me? I miss my dad. The One with the Ring / ポールは泣き虫 PDFは会員のみ On Air :2000-05-11 Summary: Only Phoebe is allowed to know about Chandler's plan to propose to Monica and they look for an engagement ring together. I have so much more to tell ya, I’ve written it all down! Chandler: Oh, that’s uh, that’s pretty nice but I’m gonna go with the one I picked first. Excuse me sir? ), [Scene: A Jewelry Shop, Chandler and Phoebe are looking at engagement rings. ), Joey: Hey. Guys? And I still have his credit card. Or an engagement tiara? (Holds the ring up for him. ), (Ross turns his back on Paul and makes a ‘I hate that guy’ face. It’s just that, my dad never did. (To Phoebe) Okay, I’ll go get it. ), Chandler: Okay, a quick one. Okay. (Joey and Ross enter causing Chandler to quickly hide the brochure behind his back. But I got so excited I just had to tell you guys because you’re my best friends. Chandler and Phoebe go looking for an engagement ring … (The hug continues. Rachel: (who has just entered) Ugh! PHOEBE: Well, then you should come tonight. Phoebe: Oh, okay. Y’know your friends invite you to a slumber party and then they stick your hand in warm water while you’re sleeping so that you pee in your sleeping bag.

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