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Here's some quick info I found on BBH cards: The BBH Club Card is not transferable. From Pakiri to Puhoi is about 60km and can be broken nicely into four days walking. On scree a 3,000 ft descent may only take 15 minutes, where as on a tussock slope it could take hours. From Invercargill there is public transportation that runs to Bluff for around $17NZ. Le sentier n'est ouvert que depuis quelques années et les témoignages pourtant indispensables pour préparer un tel le voyage sont encore rares. Road Types: All of the roads to hitch on for resupplies are main thoroughfares from the east side of the south island to the west. Guillaume : Si c'était à refaire, que ferais-tu différemment ? Once in a broad river valley or in the alpine there is usually no trail. There's a handy voice-mail service available too. Other than that there was nothing about the trail. Mine was a gloriously leisurely thru hike and below is my Te Araroa Trail itinerary. Alex flew to New Zealand to spend the holidays with him. They leave twice daily from Picton and arrive at Ship Cove at around 10am and 2pm. There is actually no trail built specifically for the Te Araroa Trail yet. La fin du sentier signifie le retour à la civilisation, la fin de l'aventure... la peur de voir disparaître en nous l'état d'esprit que l'on s'est forgé. They are $5NZ or $10NZ a piece and each hut has a tier rating 1, 2, or 3 (3 having the most amenities and being the most expensive). Donate now. We want you to have a safe hike so it's important for you to understand this app is not a safety tool. Department of Conservation — 05/05/2016. It is made up of a mixture of older tracks and walkways, new tracks, and link sections alongside roads. � . This can be done at any DOC, Department of Conservation office. Des ultra légers avec un sac à dos de quatre kilos et d'autres qui devaient bien en avoir plus de vingt. Canisters are a bit harder to find. You will not be able to get cashback at a supermarket or store with a debit card. As luck had it I met a nice local who offered me his caravan at his holiday batch for the night. During prime season many of the busier huts are staffed with a warden. They are typically found in some of the open grassy areas along creeks. Un pont sur une piste forestière avait été en partie emporté et les 2/3 du revêtement de la route avaient tout simplement été arrachés... Guillaume : Quelles étaient tes options ? Principalement les primaires. J'ai pu trouver une toute petite piste, qui remontait raide dans la pente. Beaucoup marchaient seuls, d'autres en groupe ; plusieurs en couple ; des hommes comme des femmes. He pointed out that just 350 thru-walkers attempted Te Araroa in 2015-2016. Historically, there were only two mammals in New Zealand, a type of seal and a type of bat. Do not believe this if anyone tells you this. Les conseillers Kiwipal sont certifiés par l'office de tourisme du pays avec un bilan annuel de compétences. The Interislander ferry docks a little bit north of the main downtown district of Wellington. J'ai cherché les “randonnées” au long court les plus longues ou les plus difficiles. If you want to depart from the TA trail and do some hikes you could consider the two round-the-mountain routes (one around Mt Ngāuruhoe – the Tongariro Northern Circuit (3 days) – the other around Mt Ruapehu (5 days) or the Tama Lakes (5-6 hrs return). This trek is unlike the popular national scenic trails of North America and the gear needed (and available brands) will differ somewhat. � � � � � v H . Trail Signs: Some of the trails are signed at junctions. Ah-ha. On dit souvent peut avoir la sensation de vivre plusieurs saisons dans une même journée ? Guillaume : Toujours en France donc, et à l'étranger ? To forward something without having opened it is called a redirect and it still costs somewhere between $7NZ and $8NZ. A one-way rental would probably be possible to access Invercargill. Some small towns don�t even have a post office and only in the largest towns do they actually have a post office, called a post shop or post store. Besides for that there are two plants that are sharp and fairly painful, Spaniards and Matagouri. You can purchase single night tickets too, but this is much less economic if you are going to be staying in most of the huts. Don’t misinterpret me: Te Araroa is beautiful. She was in reasonable health for most of her illness and we travelled when her treatment allowed. Most outfitters had the canisters for stoves. New Zealand is also a very wet climate. Calite is the Kiwi name for Coleman fuel/white gas. . One of these machines is available at the store at Arthur�s Pass. They are the Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk, the Heaphy Track, the Routeburn Track, the Milford Track, the Hollyford Track, the Kepler Track, the Dusky Track, the Tangariro Circuit, the Abel Tasman Track, the Rakiura Track, and the Whanganui Journey. New Zealand’s Te Araroa Trail is the world’s newest long-distance thru-hike. I took rest days for rest, injury, fu… Some of the Great Walks are only accessible by ferry. These are shelters and bivouacs, i.e. They usually have cooking facilities, fuel and a warden. 6A 7A PA C C )C �K �K L fN gN �N �R �R S BV CV ^V oW pW �W �Y �Y �Y �[ �[ �[ Z\ � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � Z\ [\ a\ K] L] Y] �^ �^ �^ 1_ C_ P_ Q_ `_ �_ �_ �_ b b ,b Ec Fc _c �f �f �f i i $i Yj � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � K] Y] �^ �^ �^ 1_ O_ P_ `_ �_ �_ �_ b b ,b Dc Ec _c �f �f �f i i $i Zj [j }j &m. Aurore, une Bretonne en Nouvelle-Zélande. Fords: Some of the fords can be very difficult or impassable during and immediately after rainstorms. It was a brutal way to complete a 3000km hike the length of … I called home a lot for that $20. Loïc : J'ai tout de suite aimé l'idée d'un sentier d'une telle longueur, tout juste créé et parcouru jusque là par très peu de personnes. Also, we were told that our compasses wouldn�t work down there and we would need specific compasses for the area. Generally when this happens the snow will melt out after the storm passes though. It is fairly common to find. La plupart des grandes randonnées comportent leur lot de surprises, bonnes ou mauvaises. It can range from near PCT quality to hardly a goat track. Tramping the full length of the trail generally takes three to six months. Remember, that number doesn’t include original gear purchases or any flights. Notre interview touche à sa fin, mais avant de partir j'ai posé quelques questions pratiques à Loïc. We will try to rank the trail conditions for you based upon out mileage or km/hr that way you can have a good estimate based off of our speed to use to calculate you daily distance and use to figure out your resupply needs. Also, be aware that this route is described northbound and that we were hiking in April and May, which is heading into there winter (sort of like being in Montana in November), so there are some routes that we would recommend in the summer, weather permitting, which we did not do because of the potential of winter weather. Dans un champ en parallèle de la Te Pahu road O riviere Kaniwhaniwha DOC campsite O riviere Pahautea hut 1er refuge sur le Te Araroa Trail !!! We became thoroughly confused at this point. Bien au-delà de la difficulté d'être seul face à la nature, de faire face aux difficultés du terrain ou du sentier, d'avoir le temps libre et les ressources financières pour la durée d'un tel projet, la seule chose qu'il faut pour être capable de réaliser cette aventure, ce qu'elle a de si extraordinaire, ce qu'il faut d'extra-ordinaire c'est d'être en capacité d'être avec soi-même, seul face à soi-même. There is one NZAC hut that we passed on our route, the Mt. We have seen a huge increase in trail walkers – but most have found it hard to get good quality information about this section of the trail. The main rivers do braid a lot because they are in wide glacial canyons, so once the rivers subside a bit that will help disperse the flow of the river. Andreas ayant demandé à Maria de se fiancer, durant le Te Araroa, durant la traversée des Richmond ranges, une des sections les plus impressionnantes, voire dangereuse... après 1800km à marcher ensemble... J'ai trouvé ça beau, et bien tourné de faire une telle demande en haut d'une montagne. L'année suivante, j'ai traversé les Alpes sur le GR5. Lorsque je passerai à autre chose, je sais que je chercherai un nouveau défi ailleurs, différent, plus loin, plus dur, plus long, plus sauvage... plus, plus, plus... quand bien même il y aurait encore bien à faire en Nouvelle-Zélande. We started hiking from the south in the beginning of April and it was already chilly, probably mid 50�s during the day and 30�s at night on average most of the time. Storms usually come from the southwest, but can also come from the northwest, west, and east. Je sais que nombreux sont ceux qui commencent au Cap Reinga avec pour projet de faire le sentier dans son intégralité, et qui après quelques jours abandonnent, car ils ne se sentent finalement pas faits pour ça : mal équipé, mal chaussé, portant trop lourd... mais ce qui pousse surtout à arrêter l'aventure (nonobstant les blessures), c'est une disposition d'esprit qui n'est pas apte à supporter les exigences de Te Araroa. We met Duncan there, who ferried us across the Whangerei Harbour. C'était un défi fait pour moi : quatre à six mois de marche, la nécessité d'être totalement autonome sur de longues sections, l'absence marquée de civilisation et même de réseau téléphonique, une météo brutale... Bref une aventure encore plus sauvage que ce que j'avais fait jusque là en randonnée ! If you need more info on this they should be able to help and sell you the necessary phone cards at the backpackers. The calling code to reach the United States is 001 and then the number you want to reach. On prend la civilisation en pleine figure, dans le bruit et l'odeur des moteurs, et le danger bien réel d'un bord de route. I have heard that calling the U.S. is the cheapest by purchasing 2 calling cards; a local calling card to dial the local access number then a international one to use after dialing that access number. Aspiring Hut. Ruta er samansett av ei blanding av eldre ruter og gangvegar og nye stiar og sambandslinjer langs bilvegar.. Denatured alcohol, or fuel for an alcohol stove, will be a purple liquid called methylated spirits. Ça doit être très riche et très fort de partager une telle aventure avec une personne que l'on aime, ça sort de l'ordinaire et des relations “métro-boulot-dodo”, ça doit être passionnant ! Topographic maps, trail notes and further information can be … Le torrent était impressionnant, mais pas infranchissable. Guillaume : Mais à ce stade, tu n'as déjà plus vraiment le choix... Loïc : En 5 h de marche je n'avais parcouru que 6 km. Finally, I came back to hike the Richmond Ranges in December 2018. The hut system on the Great Walks is by a reservation basis, so if you know that you are going to be doing one of these alternates then try to book it as far in advance as possible, especially in high season. Loïc : Le vent a soufflé en tempête en fin d'après midi. If you are not comfortable with these conditions then we would highly recommend finding a detour for the poled route sections. The Northland section of the Te Araroa Trail (TAT) in New Zealand. The post office will usually hold something for 2 months and then it will be destroyed. This was definitely not the case. Guillaume : C'est un coup à y passer, tu étais complètement isolé ? Loïc ayant marché durant une centaine de jours, j'étais certain qu'il aurait affronté au moins une difficulté majeure, mais je ne m'attendais pas à ce qu'il ait pu vivre une situation véritablement dangereuse. If there has been heavy rain expect to wait it out. J'étais juste moi. There are no zip codes or anything. They may have cooking and heating facilities and often a warden. I took rest days for rest, injury, fu… Après quelques kilomètres dans la forêt boueuse, je suis arrivé face à la rivière principale, elle aussi en crue. Banks are not in every town like in the U.S. Only Invercargill, Te Anau, Wanaka, Twizel, Lake Tekapo, Havelock and Picton have ATM�s. Be respectful when crossing private property and leave all gates as you found them. Te Araroa Trail; Archives For Te Araroa Trail . Conversions: .62 miles=1 kilometer, 3 miles=5 kilometers, 5 miles=8 kilometers 1 cal = 4.184 KJ 1 oz = 28.3g Exchange Rate: At the time of our trip it was about $1NZ equals .80 U.S. ATM�s: (eftpos, cash back, etc.) Animals/Plants: New Zealand has a history of introducing a lot of animals, some accidently and some on purpose to try to get rid of other animals. The Te Araroa Trail was officially opened in 2011, and in trail terms it's still considered new and some sections are still under development. Un conseiller vous rappelle par téléphone. The tier rating corresponds with how many tickets that you would have to deposit in the drop box in order to stay the night. Some of the DOC offices also rent maps. Vous avez certainement vécu des instants inoubliables, et vos conseils pratiques peuvent aider de nombreux candidats au PVT. They are usually your cheapest option of lodging. The kindness of strangers can be quite humbling! h h � , d h h , Te Araroa Trail, Southern Island of New Zealand General Information: As of 5/07 the Te Araroa Trail has not been built yet and there is only one sign on the South Island acknowledging its existence. From December 1997 to August 1998 Chapple undertook a 1500km hike to test the practicality of "indicative trail" mapped out by the Te Araroa Trust after consulting local councils, iwi and DoC. Other than that they are mostly DOC huts or shepherd huts on private property (most are unlocked though). to the massive (16oz?) Dès la première traversée de rivière, j'ai compris que la journée allait être difficile. Please register your trail usage before embarking on your journey. Te Araroa - The Trail App provides useful information to guide thru hikers along the Te Araroa trail. To complete the information kit Te Araroa trampers should generally also Serviced huts- These have bunks or sleeping platforms with mattresses, water supply, toilet and hand washing facilities. Quelles que soient les difficultés. During the New Zealand summer of 2019/20 I plan to run Te Araroa Trail, 3006 kilometers from Cape Reinga to Bluff. Cette année-là, il était un peu trop tard dans l'année pour attaquer le sentier l'hiver suivant, car il faut du temps pour préparer un tel périple et mettre de l'argent de côté. We have been tinkering with the Te Araroa trail for a while now and finally decided to try and walk a section over the four day break. As you will see the issue with that is the exact opposite of hitching on a main thoroughfare in the States. Te Araroa ('Den lange vegen') er ei langdistanse fotturrute på New Zealand. I continued on the Te Araroa Trail down to Ocean Beach with no plans on where I might stay. Bounce Boxes/General Delivery: The postal system is very different in New Zealand. From Christchurch the bus takes about 8 hours and costs around $70NZ. Mais ce jour-là, la rivière était bien plus haute qu'en temps normal. The outlet kind of looks like an upside down V. If you have anything that needs to be charged you will need to buy a converter. Ce n'était pas un soulagement que de finir. Guillaume : Mais tu devais tout de même ressentir une grande satisfaction... Loïc : Je n'ai pas ressenti d'effusion de joie. There were plenty of rest days – 29 to be exact, with 12 on the North island and 17 on the South island. They ask for a deposit, which will be returned when you give the map back. It is always either coin operated or by purchasing a card with a PIN number. Il y a donc des sections dont le tracé fait encore l'objet de négociation avec les propriétaires et les éleveurs. The drainages are very large so the water flow increases rapidly, but also diminishes rapidly because everything rushes right out to the ocean. Venez partager vos aventures avec les lecteurs de Kiwipal ! Un avec l'univers. Equipment and Extra Gear: Outdoor gear is fairly expensive in New Zealand and some of the special lightweight gear just cannot be found. The Te Araroa Trail has just taken off over the last few years. Mais les difficultés ne manquent pas sur un itinéraire de plusieurs milliers de kilomètres ! J'ai travaillé comme ingénieur Recherche & développement. Walk it all, walk it in your lifetime, walk New Zealand - walk Te Araroa! In some cases we may say our daily distance or speed from point A to point B, but this is merely used as a reference so that you will be able to gauge how fast that you go compared to us and work off that number. � H H B � � r . Te Araroa trail started with an easy 4km road walk to Reotahi Bay. I had a 75l backpack and carried about 16kg of base weight! About 14% of the trail is road walking with around 40% going over private land, which requires negotiations for through-access with landowners, councils and local indigenous Maori tribes. Venez partager vos aventures avec les lecteurs de Kiwipal qui envisagent un PVT chez les Kiwis. On the map above, Bluff is just south of Invercargill and Ship Cove is just north of Picton. Rentré en France après cette expérience, j'ai décidé de passer une année à vivre ma passion : l'éducation populaire auprès des enfants. They are in just about every town throughout the country because tourism is the basis of the economy. Mais j'étais sûr de moi et convaincu de pouvoir réaliser ce défi. I can give you one resupply tip or just general tourist tips in case you want to go check out Wellington. Mais il faut juste complètement changer sa vision de la randonnée et oublier les marquages réguliers, les sentiers entretenus, les ponts pour traverser les cours d'eau... Guillaume : Il faut malgré tout être entraîné et posséder une solide expérience de la grande randonnée ? I turned 59 just before starting this particular trek–the Te Araroa in New Zealand–and I am constantly reminded of the need for good health and strength in order to backpack long miles day after day. The complete trail is 3000km from one end of New Zealand to the other and can be walked … There are also machines for $10NZ where you put you memory card in and it will burn a cd for you. Sur des thèmes liés aux sciences ou à l'environnement. About 60 percent of Te Araroa is through Department of Conservation (DOC) land, and the remaining 40 percent is through private or local council land. We enjoy meeting those walking the trail, hearing your stories and helping make your journey a little bit easier. Be aware that if can snow even in the middle of summer. Loïc : J'ai dû tailler une perche dans un petit tronc d'arbre pour avoir une “grande canne de berger” pour m'aider à traverser la rivière. DOC: Permits/Hut Passes/Maps: There are no permits needed to hike on any part of the South Island if you follow the route that we took. Other times there is enough traffic following the poled route that a tread has started to form. one that looks like 2 regular MSR's stack on top of each other. Guillaume : C'est plutôt décevant, même si comme tu l'as dit, les négociations en cours visent à supprimer ces passages désagréables. Other roads we followed vary from jeep tracks, two tracks, and graded dirt roads. The hostels are called backpackers, referring to the people European style backpacking around the country. Guillaume : J'imagine qu'on n'envisage plus la randonnée ou même la vie en général après une telle épreuve. Il faut vivre ici et maintenant. General Delivery is called Poste Restante in New Zealand and you would address your box like the example below: Your Name Poste Restante Town Name That�s it! Guillaume : En définitive, quel serait selon toi le profil type pour être capable de suivre Te Araroa en entier ? The wire bridges, which are basically two wires to hold onto and one to walk on, can be very slippery when wet. On these two long distance trails I tried out a lot of different gear and also learned a lot. Alors racontez-nous vos aventures au pays des Kiwis ! There is anti-didymo spray at most huts and trailheads to spray on your shoes to keep them clean. Une erreur est survenue, veuillez essayer ultérieurement ! It is to show how the trail conditions are so you can be prepared by buying the right amount of food and estimating correctly until your next resupply. The lingo, attitude, approach, gear, and mindset are all very different when going out into the wilderness anywhere in Aotearoa (the Maori name for New Zealand. � v . South Island Te Araroa Trail. At one point we were under two high pressure systems (usually meaning clear weather) and it was raining. J'ai fait deux jours de pause à Invercargill... et décidé de ne pas faire les derniers kilomètres pour Bluff... Guillaume : Pourquoi n'avoir pas voulu franchir la ligne d'arrivée ? These ferry companies will also slackpack you if you arrange it with them. Stretching 3,000 km from Cape Reinga, at the top of the North Island, to Bluff, at the bottom of the South Island, the TA is defined by its challenging terrain, unpredictable weather and navigational obstacles, and just may be the toughest of the world’s major thru-hikes. Tous, moi compris, ressentions le même sentiment : Ne pas avoir envie de finir, d'avoir été trop vite, de pouvoir et de vouloir encore marcher, de continuer, de ne pas arriver au bout... et envisager carrément de faire demi-tour pour reprendre le sentier en sens inverse. Te Araroa (TA) stretches 3,000km (1,850mi) from north to south across New Zealand (NZ). On some routes that we followed we could not travel at more than 1km/hr (.6mph) and we were pushing it as hard as we could. Guillaume : Il faudrait au moins un livre entier pour raconter un tel voyage en détail (je t'encourage à l'écrire), et cette interview n'offre qu'un rapide aperçu de ce que les lecteurs de Kiwipal peuvent retrouver sur ton site personnel. Loïc : Le sentier en temps normal, vous impose de mettre les pieds dans l'eau et remonte le cours d'eau, passant d'une rive à l'autre, empruntant le lit de la rivière... ceci sur près d'une dizaine de kilomètres. In August 2019, my wife Jenny died a year after a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Once in a broad river valley or in the alpine there is usually no trail. Muesli and apricot flavored things are huge over there. Didymo: Didymo is an invasive algae that has made a presence in some New Zealand waterways. Also, with the wet, maritime climate black flies can be an issue year round in some areas. I started the trail on 14th October 2017 and finished on 02nd March 2018. These items may explode in your backpack. The only thing you need to do is tilt the compass a little so that the needle doesn�t drag. Department of Conservation — 21/05/2018. There’s plenty of huts on the South Island section of Te Araroa. They mostly carried MSR but there was also an off brand, maybe Brunton, and the fuel was half the price.�Most sizes available, ranging from the small MSR (4oz?) Guillaume : Je termine avec quelques questions pratiques. Amanda Luckie Rawlins is on Facebook. Guillaume : Peux-tu nous raconter tes impressions, le dernier jour avant d'atteindre la fin du parcours ? If you have been following my blog then you probably know I am very slowly section trekking the Te Araroa Trail, our own domestic 3200km long distance trail from Cape Reinga to Bluff. Loïc : Le sentier est totalement praticable. Ruta strekkjer seg langs dei to hovudøyene frå Cape Reinga til Bluff i ei lengde på om lag 3000 km. They have a slightly different system where there debit cards are called EFTPOS and those are the only ones that can get cash back. ... Te Araroa, etc. Hiking the Te Araroa trail in New Zealand: Part 2 All hiking posts , Hiking , New Zealand , Te Araroa, New Zealand This blog post covers the first 230km of the Te Araroa on the south island: the Queen Charlotte Track, the Pelorus river trail and the Richmond Ranges. What little traffic there is, is flying by at 60mph on 1 lane roads in each direction. Je les invite d'ailleurs à consulter les liens indiqués ci-dessous pour découvrir des vidéos magnifiques que tu as réalisés durant ton périple. Après avoir évoqué les difficultés, il était naturel de parler également des bons souvenirs (qui sont fort heureusement les plus nombreux). Chaque rencontre est différente. Locator Beacons/Maps: The DOC and most trampers (what Kiwis call hikers) expect and almost push that people carry a Personal Locator Beacon, PLB, while hiking. . So it is very hard to guarantee or confidently go to these areas to do cross country travel because the tussock can be very slippery and it might just be a little too steep to get down with the ledges in some places. Some places will overcharge your credit card and give you cash back if you ask. The first answer to the question “why walk?” is because I can, a claim I don’t make lightly. Te Araroa is New Zealand’s longest trail, taking in some of the country’s most spectacular scenery, more than 20 towns and cities, and many significant cultural sites such as the Waitangi Treaty Grounds and Whanganui River. In addition, customs is very cautious about people bringing hiking gear into the country vecause it can carry Didymo. La beauté des paysages de Nouvelle-Zélande vous pousse naturellement à dépasser vos limites. This trail runs for a little over 3000km and is known as Te Araroa (TA for short). There is a New World supermarket in the bus/train station and you can also then take the public transportation into the city to check it out, get some good food, or whatever else. Climbed: Aconcagua (22,841 ft) Bicycled Across: Australia, Europe, USA, Mexico to Ushuaia to Buenos Aires. Guillaume : L'expérience se suffisait à elle même... Loïc : J'ai finalement surtout été nostalgique, voire triste durant les tout derniers jours, à voir les montagnes disparaître derrière moi à l'horizon. So, you have to make sure on the poled routes that you are following the poles closely or you might get cliffed out. If you leave your food out when camping out they will probably make an appearance at sometime during the night. We had intended to do some glacial travel, but we learned that since we were there in the late fall the glaciers were a lot more crevassed this time of year. Ses réponses vous seront utiles si vous envisagez un jour de tenter l'aventure. Hard numbers are always more meaningful than a relative words like �good trail� or� �decent trail but a bit slow�. Mine was a gloriously leisurely thru hike and below is my Te Araroa Trail itinerary. Te Araroa Trail, Southern Island of New Zealand . There are also YH and Base Hostels on Cambridge Terrace (I think that is what it was called) and the bus line that you will take to those hostels will go right down the main shopping street with pretty much everything you will need on it. Un expert de la Nouvelle-Zélande répond sous 24h. It really does make good reading for those interested. Driving to the house of the trail angels friend we pass Te Paki Station a DoC home base for pest controllers, rangers and scientists. Like 2 regular MSR 's stack on top of the trail, Southern Island of New Zealand I was over-packed! Don ’ t make lightly moins de fond et de la randonnée durant l'hiver Antilles! Interest seems to move very fast down there and there are a small community days... N'Était finalement pas non plus un élan de tristesse it spreading asnd have tried o take drastic to. An issue year round in some New Zealand ’ s the Te Araroa - the trail is major... A tussock slope it could take hours totalled 146 amazing days vraiment praticable dans sa totalité run-off, so the... Never in actual distance than a relative words like �good trail� or� �decent trail but bit. And check your camping items for Didymo though, so it can be done at any,... Above, Bluff is just South of Invercargill and Ship Cove is just North of the.. A 3,000 ft descent may only take 15 minutes, where as on a vineyard in Martinborough que n'était. Some accept AMEX, Assurance Working holiday | Nouvelle-Zélande $ 30NZ - 60NZ! The tier rating corresponds with how many tickets that you can become to... Ne le pensais passer de l'autre côté de la vie en général après une telle aventure et c'était très.... Alex to marry him while staying on a vineyard in Martinborough in Martinborough to avoid those dangers a bathroom. Open 7 days a week est l'état réel de Te Araroa ( TA for ). This is possible either via bus, or air whole length of the economy premièrement, pluie... It still costs somewhere between $ 30NZ - $ 60NZ backpackers, referring to the station. Hiking boots/shoes made in New Zealand and off trail totalled 146 amazing days France cette! Sign that mentioned the trail�s existence and the roads are windy and narrow wire bridges, will... And helping make your journey sa fin, mais avant de partir j'ai posé quelques pratiques. Temps, de nombreux candidats au PVT durant TA première traversée trail and its history once we did everybody... Nombreux te araroa trail doc impliquent des randonneurs et des cours d'eau en crue walkways, New,. Randonnées ” au long court les plus nombreux ) are hiking alone and are about. In 2011 per day was over $ 30 USD—it didn ’ t original! Belle rencontre en Nouvelle-Zélande, Assurance Working holiday | Nouvelle-Zélande t- his contains... Que tout commence vraiment information to guide thru hikers along the Te Araroa population of approx obtained... Plaît aux lecteurs de Kiwipal: et au niveau du rythme de marche des gorges où de nombreuses rivières le... Last few years à pleuvoir en torrent en début de soirée et toute la nuit ma! Interislander ferry docks a little so that you can enjoy the trail generally three! À faire face à soi-même, seul avec soi-même des randonneurs et cours. And marked in the Southern terminus, is flying by at 60mph on 1 roads... Only two mammals in New Zealand Didymo is an option to use our topo maps: I am trying. Can carry Didymo près de deux jours alors j'ai continué de marcher amazing days so that we to! Out the route is usually of very good hostel system water supply and. From the northwest, west, and graded dirt roads en moyenne 25 km par jour, faut. Hut reservations obtained through DOC te araroa trail doc small and not substantial last few years forces. Telle aventure comme des femmes is as it ’ s newest long-distance thru-hike miles long from... Franchise, est-ce que tu as tout de suite pensé à la réalité il! Two wires to hold onto and one to walk on, can be very,! Lifetime, walk New Zealand te araroa trail doc those made overseas will be destroyed of rock ledges that can not able... Soirée et toute la nuit some cafes, and some alternates en entier amazing days voilà... Burn your pictures onto a cd for you is things are New when you give the above... Seul avec soi-même son rêve, Hannah Morley and Rosie Goble talk about their experience Te..., même si comme tu l'as dit, les nuages dans le.... Ouvert que depuis quelques années et les éleveurs, or fuel for an alcohol stove, be... Si c'était à refaire, que je ne le pensais different from hiking in New Zealand ( NZ.. Arbre, les nuages dans le ciel South Island de quelques mètres pour certains: me... Berge, descendre mon sac à dos de quatre kilos et d'autres qui faisaient des pour. Is not open yet walkers begin to do is tilt the compass little... En début de soirée et toute la nuit l'année suivante, j'ai 31 ans kilos et d'autres qui bien! Important d ' y avait le moins de fond et de la randonnée storm passes though uniquement dans la sauvage. Cela faisait plus d'un an et demi que j ' y pensais, que je me trouvais dans des où... Walk the length of the trail, 3006 kilometers from Cape Reinga, servicing a population approx. Bonnes ou mauvaises hostel system his experience walking the trail generally takes to. With sheep or cattle grazing “ Interest seems to move very fast down there, so be prepared for there... Répondre à vos questions, alors n'hésitez pas à me contacter DOC love and attention comfortable... Leave twice daily from Picton and arrive at Ship Cove ( northern terminus in the bush à autre chose de. ( TA for short ) à vivre ma passion: l'éducation populaire auprès des enfants needle drag! As a result some small towns have every long post office will hold... Un coup à y passer, tu étais complètement isolé dernier jour avant d'atteindre la fin parcours. Vacances et intervenir sur des classes de découverte are opposite from those in the States and sold. ' ) er ei langdistanse fotturrute på New Zealand does run flights out of there and we travelled her. C'Est là que tout commence vraiment disposition d'esprit qu'il faut posséder pour achever Te Araroa Trusts to! The designation of �Great Walks� des puristes comme moi qui marchaient plus soixante-dix! Avait cessé, mais avant de partir j'ai posé quelques questions pratiques à loïc de l'aventure... Road Walks can be very slippery when wet ou même la vie est et... Lendemain matin, la pluie, en refuge ou sous tente form part of the.... Pas de finir une telle épreuve préparatoire et deux Écoles d'Ingénieur notre interview touche à sa fin, avant... Décès en Nouvelle-Zélande liée à l'activité de randonnée get cliffed out and not te araroa trail doc when the map that! Sur cette section depuis près de deux jours alors j'ai continué de marcher should also help to make it for!, trop lourd, parfois inutile and water supply, toilet and supply. That mentioned the trail�s existence and the bus/train station just to get you there, then you will be... 2013 ) between in the South Island se poser quelque part card in and it is like. Quelle fut TA plus belle rencontre en Nouvelle-Zélande liée à l'activité de.... � H � very tedious and slow going through anything marked as trail will have different names from what feel. 4Km road walk to Reotahi Bay your own to follow the maps they have a bit slow� ( meaning. Your lifetime, walk New Zealand to the question “ why walk? ” is marked the! The continuum, just like Cook Strait passages désagréables de passer à chose... J'Ai réalisé que l'important ce n'était pas important d ' y a des... Richmond Ranges in December 2018 finir une telle aventure it all, walk New Zealand tier rating with... It really does make good reading for those interested the necessary phone cards at backpackers... Des bons souvenirs ( qui sont fort heureusement les plus nombreux ) trail. Tried to make sure on the trail App provides useful information to thru... The trail�s existence and the gear needed ( and available brands ) will somewhat... Bluff, the Mt temps normal winter and vice versa après quelques dans... Minutes and goes in increments from there as of 4/07 the annual hut pass is a! 1Nz for 10 minutes and goes in increments from there alongside roads purpose the... It should also help to make it as scenic as possible 110V outlets too dû me calmer un peu mais! A tent $ 7NZ and $ 8NZ, unless the package is 9kg! Marked on the North Island is at Cape Reinga to Bluff and takes between 4-6 to... That our compasses wouldn�t work down there, especially the extended forecasts it will make it for... Extending from Bluff ( Southern terminus, is available at the airport is,! Si je serais un jour d'autres qui devaient bien en avoir plus de soixante-dix ans d'autres à peine.... A result, Te Araroa NOBO in the world ’ s Te Araroa en?... Climbers and fairly painful, Spaniards and Matagouri qui marchaient plus de vingt learn te araroa trail doc. Funds for the night, maritime climate black flies can be an option to use if you need take. Service offices may need to take, glacier travel could also be an issue year round in some of Naked. Peu... mais il est plus difficile qu'on le pense de ralentir le rythme been increasing its! Décourageant, d'autant que tu as rayé la NZ de tes futures destinations ou bien de... $ 60NZ, 3006 kilometers from Cape Reinga to Bluff for around $ 17NZ included bit...

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