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Learn more about Ard... "Descendant, the last of the three sons of Caleb by his first" wife Azubah (1 Chr. Learn more about Amplias... "Kindred of the High; i.e., "friend of Jehovah." 28:1). "(2.) 11:13). He was commander-in-chief of Saul's army (1 Sam. "(2.) 1:22). Learn more about Accho... "Satan is styled the "accuser of the brethren" (Rev. "(2.) In Isa. Learn more about Arad...Aram "The son of Shem (Gen. 10:22); according to Gen. 22:21, a" "grandson of Nahor. The ashes of a red heifer burned entire (Num. Learn more about Anchor...Ancient of Days An expression applied to Jehovah three times in the vision of "Daniel (7:9, 13, 22) in the sense of eternal. Learn more about Avim...Awl An instrument only referred to in connection with the custom of "boring the ear of a slave (Ex. 7:8. 13:3; 1 Sam. View a Bible dictionary for letter . "(1.) One of the chief men sent by Ezra to procure Levites for the sanctuary (Ezra 8:16). Akshub" "("coiling" or "lying in wait"), properly an asp or viper, found" "only in this passage. 1:3), the" Rabsaris of the court. 1:31), north-west of the Sea of Galilee; commonly" "identified with Giscala, now el-Jish." It was in the half-tribe of Manasseh (Josh. 1:12; 2:25). Learn more about Abiel... "Father of help, a descendant of Abiezer (Judg. 9:13). Learn more about Anoint...Ant "(Heb. Learn more about Adummim...Adversary "(Heb. "25:1; Josh. Learn more about Ashurites...Asia "Is used to denote Proconsular Asia, a Roman province which" "embraced the western parts of Asia Minor, and of which Ephesus" "was the capital, in Acts 2:9; 6:9; 16:6; 19:10, 22; 20:4, 16," "18, etc. The "rod of iron" (Ps. "(2.) She was offered in" marriage to the man who would lead an attack on the city of "Debir, or Kirjath-sepher. 12:20). (1.) Learn more about Aijeleth Shahar...Air "The atmosphere, as opposed to the higher regions of the sky (1" Thess. He married Jochebed, "his father's" "sister," and was the father of Aaron, Miriam, and Moses (Ex." 2 Chr. The second son of Samuel (1 Sam. Heb., hashmal, rendered by the LXX." It" "was probably near the upper source of the Wady Far'ah, an open" valley extending from Mount Ebal to the Jordan. Please be patient with us as Learn more about Arkite...Arm Used to denote power (Ps. It is" probably the name of some song or tune to the measure of which "the psalm was to be chanted. Learn more about Aholibah...Aholibamah "Tent of the height, the name given to Judith, the daughter of" "Beeri = Anah (Gen. 26:34; 36:2), when she became the wife of" "Esau. Learn more about Amram...Amraphel "King of Shinar, southern Chaldea, one of the confederates of" "Chedorlaomer, king of Elam, in a war against Sodom and cities of" "the plain (Gen. 14:1, 4). 4:14), the Aquilaria agallochum of botanists, or, as" "some suppose, the costly gum or perfume extracted from the wood." "It was a female deity representing the moon, as Adrammelech" (q.v.) Eleazar (Num. His "children," or retainers, to the number of 666," came up to Jerusalem (8:13). "(2.) The chief of the tribe of" Dan at the time of the Exodus (Num. 1:49). Learn more about Asenath...Ash "(Heb. 32:3). Learn more about Air... "And Aij'alon, place of deer. 9:4; Prov. Learn more about Apharsachites... "Another of the tribes removed to Samaria (Ezra 4:9), or perhaps" the same as the preceding. The Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary provides a visually stimulating journey for anyone interested in learning more about the world of the Bible. Its blossoms are of a very pale pink "colour, and appear before its leaves. It was his right and "duty to slay the murderer (2 Sam. 23:31; 1 Chr. 9:14). (1.) 28:22 the word is rendered "fever." (3.) Learn more about Abagtha...Abana "Stony (Heb. "(2.) They were subdued and driven northward by the Caphtorim. Learn more about Adonijah... "Whom the Lord sets up, one of those "which came with Zerubbabel" "(Ezra 2:13). Num. 14:5) should perhaps be rendered "very near" = "the way" "of escape shall be made easy." 1 Chr. It is the plant commonly "known by the name of dill, the Peucedanum graveolens of the" botanist. The" word is used only by the apostle John. The descendants of Anak (Josh. "(2.) 18:25). The son of Phinehas the high priest (1 Chr. 4:48; "Judg. 27:6). Learn more about Alliance... Oak. Learn more about Argob... "The lion, the name of one of the body-guard slain with Pekahiah" at Samaria (2 Kings 15:25) by the conspirator Pekah. Learn more about Achish... "(Ezra 6:2), called Ecbatana by classical writers, the capital of" northern Media. Concise Bible Dictionary - George A. Morrish - List of Chapters (#16000) ... Download PDF. Learn more about A... "The eldest son of Amram and Jochebed, a daughter of Levi (Ex." He was Paul's "fellow-prisoner" at Rome" (Col. 4:10; Philemon 1:24). Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). Along with his three brothers he was consecrated to the priest's office (Ex. Learn more about Areopagite... "The Latin form of the Greek word rendered "Mars' hill." (1.) Learn more about AEnon... "Feeling or emotion. He married Jochebed, "his father's" "sister," and was the father of Aaron, Miriam, and Moses (Ex." Bible Dictionary. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! 28:22 the word is rendered "fever." Product info. The leader of a body of men who joined David in the "stronghold, probably of Adullam (1 Chr. Brother of goodness = good. Learn more about Agrippa I... "Son of the foregoing, was born at Rome, A.D. 27. Smith's Bible Dictionary William Smith. Learn more about Addi...Addon "Low, one of the persons named in Neh. Learn more about Apollos...Apollyon "Destroyer, the name given to the king of the hosts represented" by the locusts (Rev. Learn more about Agrippa II... "The translation in Lev. Christians are" exhorted to set their affections on things above (Col. 3:2). The holy oils and ointments were prepared by priests properly qualified for this office. Psalms 50 and 73-83 inclusive are attributed to him. 23:8). (1.) 30. It" was one of the chief seats of the worship of Dagon (1 Sam. 22. 18:13-26.) Learn more about Arcturus... "Descent, a grandson of Benjamin (Num. The she ass (Heb. "(3.) The statute forbidding men to wear female apparel (Deut. He lived at the time of the Exodus. It was near Jericho, or perhaps Hebron.) Learn more about Ancient of Days...Andrew "Manliness, a Greek name; one of the apostles of our Lord. 9:3). "(2.) 4:49 it" "is translated in the Authorized Version "springs of Pisgah." 10:1. (1.) Learn more about Anem... A boy. Learn more about Adbeel... "Ample, splendid, son of Bela (1 Chr. Builder. 14:15; 15:13; 21:11; Gen. 13:18; 23:2). Learn more about Ass...Asshur Second son of Shem (Gen. 10:22; 1 Chr. He is also called Ahiah (ver. Marriages are prohibited within certain degrees of "affinity, enumerated Lev. With Shadrach and "Meshach, he was delivered from the burning fiery furnace" (3:12-30). Learn more about Ahlab... "Brotherly, one of the sons of Bela, the son of Benjamin (1 Chr." 13:33; Deut. The son of" "Kohath, the son of Levi. 26:38-40). This dictionary is derived from Noah Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language, a dictionary published in 1828 which frequently uses Bible verses in the definitions. 12:25 the Authorized Version has "thresholds," marg." 17:25). She was chosen to minister to "David in his old age. 22. 11:21; Num. Learn more about Ahaz... Held by Jehovah. Learn more about Antipatris...Antonia "A fortress in Jerusalem, at the north-west corner of the temple" "area. Learn more about Apparel... A reference of any case from an inferior to a superior court. One of the twelve spies sent by Moses to search the land of Canaan (Num. 3:35. The leader of a body of men who joined David in the "stronghold, probably of Adullam (1 Chr. See Atad. 19:1, 3, 4, 6) of the Hebrew Hallelujah =" "Praise ye Jehovah, which begins or ends several of the psalms" "(106, 111, 112, 113, etc.)." Learn more about Armourbearer...Armoury The place in which armour was deposited when not used (Neh. "(2.) 26:15, 26; 25:10, 13, 23, 28," "etc.). 37:13). Learn more about Almon...Almond "A native of Syria and Palestine. in Josh. He was put to death by his brother Cain (Gen. 4:1-16). (1.) In Deut. (Schaff and others say it was on the west bank, for the writer was on the east of Jordan. 3:2). "(4.) For Downloadable Products: When payment has been confirmed, you will receive an email containing a link to access and download a PDF file of the book. Learn more about Adamah... "(Heb. (1.) 16:8; Rom. (See" [15]JASHOBEAM.) Learn more about Alien...Allegory "Used only in Gal. "Anguish is the reflection on evil that is already past, while" agony is a struggle with evil at the time present. It stood on the shore of the "Mediterranean, 12 miles north of Gaza. 1:3, 4, and Luke 3:33, this word is" "the Greek form of Ram, the father of Amminadab (1 Chr. Learn more about Archevite...Archi "A city on the boundary of Ephraim and Benjamin (Josh. Learn more about Ammi...Ammiel People of God. I. Douglas, J. D. (James Dixon) II. 9:11). "(2.) Learn more about Amraphel... "Grape-town, one of the cities in the mountains of Judah, from" which Joshua expelled the Anakim (Josh. Learn more about Agagite...Agate "(Heb. Learn more about Ascension...Asenath "An Egyptian name, meaning "gift of the sun-god", daughter of" "Potipherah, priest of On or Heliopolis, wife of Joseph (Gen." 41:45). A country" in western Asia lying between the Caspian and the Black Sea. "10:1; Gen. 12:8; 13:3). 9:30-45. Jer. 9:25, 26; 1 Pet. (1.) Learn more about Aceldama... "The name originally of a narrow strip of territory in Greece, on" the north-west of the Peloponnesus. Learn more about Azekah... "Noble, a descendant of king Saul (1 Chr. Learn more about Alabaster... "Virgins, a musical term (1 Chr. Learn more about Achbor...Achish "Angry, perhaps only a general title of royalty applicable to the" Philistine kings. i Preface to PDF Version Preface to PDF Version of the King James Holy Bible Original Publish Date: March, 2001, Revised: January 2004 The text of the King James Version (KJV) of the Holy Bible (also called the Authorized Version (AV) by some) is in the public domain. He was appointed by David to command the "army in room of his cousin Joab (2 Sam. 8:7). Learn more about Advocate...AEnon "Springs, a place near Salim where John baptized (John 3:23). The author styles it a "treatise" "(1:1). Learn more about Achshaph...Achzib "Falsehood. Learn more about Adramyttium... "(Acts 27:27; R.V., "the sea of Adria"), the Adriatic Sea," including in Paul's time the whole of the Mediterranean lying "between Crete and Sicily. 11:28; 12:3. The emotion of instant displeasure on account of something evil that presents itself to our view. (See [2]ABIJAH.)" One of the sons of" "Bela, the son of Benjamin (1 Chr. In Matt. Since 1979, Bible Dictionary has been published as an appendix to most copies of the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible printed by the LDS Church.The dictionary contains 1285 entries on 196 pages. Psalms 50 and 73-83 inclusive are attributed to him. In" "Neh. 30:21; Jer. (1.) Learn more about Abimelech...Abinadab "Father of nobleness; i.e., "noble." 8:11)." 4:16; Jude 1:9), the prince of the angels." In contrast with" "all earthly kings, his days are past reckoning." In Matt. Learn more about Adullam... "An inhabitant of the city of Adullam (Gen. 38:1, 12, 20)." The son of" "Kohath, the son of Levi. Download RTF (editable) Send to Kindle. Learn more about Accad... "Sultry or sandy, a town and harbour of Phoenicia, in the tribe" "of Asher, but never acquired by them (Judg. 14:24; Josh. 8:35; 9:42). 1 Chr. name; Gk. Learn more about Alemeth...Alexander "Man-defender. 11:32), probably as" "being an inhabitant of Arabah (Josh. Smith's Bible Dictionary William Smith. 7:18). 9:21). "(2.) 40:16, 21, 22, 26, 29." Brother of a gift = liberal. "Anguish is the reflection on evil that is already past, while" agony is a struggle with evil at the time present. | R 12:7) and the glory of God (2 Cor." 14:50; 17:55; 20:25). Learn more about Algum... "A foreigner, or person born in another country, and therefore" not entitled to the rights and privileges of the country where he resides. He was probably the Smerdis of profane history. Learn more about Asher... "And pl. Learn more about Asshur... "A sea-port town of Proconsular Asia, in the district of Mysia," on the north shore of the Gulf of Adramyttium. "pistis, generally rendered "faith") or pledge God has given that" "his revelation is true and worthy of acceptance. Learn more about Ahio...Ahira "Brother of evil = unlucky, or my brother is friend, chief of the" tribe of Naphtali at the Exodus (Num. One of the sons of" "Bela (1 Chr. 5:14-19. Learn more about Arioch...Aristarchus "Best ruler, native of Thessalonica (Acts 20:4), a companion of" "Paul (Acts 19:29; 27:2). 15:7; 18:17. The second of the three" "sons of Hammoleketh, the sister of Gilead. The governor of Samaria in the time of Ahab. Consanguinity is relationship" by blood. 57, 58, 59, and 75. (1.) 12:20). Learn more about Aner... "A word signifying, both in the Hebrew and Greek, a "messenger," and hence employed to denote any agent God sends forth to execute his purposes. (1.) 21:18)," called also Alemeth (1 Chr. 4:48; "Judg. III. 19:5; 20:19; 1 Kings "6:7, as the translation of a Hebrew word which means "chopping." Its" "wood is called shittim wood (Ex. A son of Bela, the son" of Benjamin (1 Chr. 11:32). "(2.) (1.) Learn more about Ananias...Anath "An answer; i.e., to "prayer", the father of Shamgar, who was one" of the judges of Israel (Judg. Two ways to search the dictionary... Search directly and find definitions for any word in the Bible. Learn more about Arieh...Ariel The lion of God. 8:36). A general under Jehoshaphat," "chief over 300,000 men (2 Chr. Learn more about Agag... "A name applied to Haman and also to his father (Esther 3:1, 10;" "8:3, 5). of Ashdod (q.v.)." 19:20), at" the north of the plain of Esdraelon. 1:29). Learn more about Aramnaharaim...Aramzobah "(Ps. (2.) 7:24, 26)." Learn more about Aran...Ararat "Sacred land or high land, the name of a country on one of the" mountains of which the ark rested after the Flood subsided (Gen. "8:4). Learn more about Antonia... "An inhabitant of Anathoth, found only in 1 Chr. (1.) Learn more about Assos...Assurance "The resurrection of Jesus (Acts 17:31) is the "assurance" (Gr." | F Son of Ahimaaz, who succeeded his grandfather Zadok as high priest (1 Chr. (1.) Learn more about Ai... "Hind of the dawn, a name found in the title of Ps. 668) of Esar-haddon (q.v.). | G 8:14). 12:7) and the glory of God (2 Cor." Learn more about Affinity...Afflictions Common to all (Job 5:7; 14:1; Ps. 4:36). 22:20-23). like a ‘proper’ dictionary, deal with all the words and names in the Bible. It is about an acre of our measure (Isa. Comp. Learn more about Amon... "Highlanders, or hillmen, the name given to the descendants of" "one of the sons of Canaan (Gen. 14:7), called Amurra or Amurri" in the Assyrian and Egyptian inscriptions. His" daughter Elisheba was married to Aaron (Ex. Ps. Display book. Learn more about Abez... "My father is the Lord, the Greek form of Abijah, or Abijam" "(Matt. Learn more about Augustus... "(Acts 27:1.: literally, of Sebaste, the Greek form of Augusta," the name given to Caesarea in honour of Augustus Caesar). Learn more about Abib... "Or Abi'dah, father of knowledge; knowing, one of the five sons" "of Midian, who was the son of Abraham by Keturah (1 Chr. 5:5). 26:15, 17, Authorized Version; but in Revised Version," "storehouse), properly the house of stores for the priests. 31:3). Now ed-Da'rieh." Learn more about Atonement...Atonement Day of The great annual day of humiliation and expiation for the sins "of the nation, "the fast" (Acts 27:9), and the only one" commanded in the law of Moses. The king who obstructed the rebuilding of the temple (Ezra 4:7). The name means "Anu is king." 10:1. Welcome to the 'King James Dictionary', one of the dictionary resources FREELY available on! "This stone is not referred to, but corundum or some kind of hard" steel. Learn more about Amasiah...Amaziah "Strengthened by Jehovah. The father of Hoshea, who was made ruler over the Ephraimites (1 Chr. Learn more about Abiezrite... "Father (i.e., "leader") of the dance, or "of joy." Learn more about Andrew... "Man-conquering, a Jewish Christian, the kinsman and" "fellowprisoner of Paul (Rom. 25:35; Deut. Learn more about Ass... Second son of Shem (Gen. 10:22; 1 Chr. To express the idea that the Egyptians" considered themselves as defiled when they ate with strangers "(Gen. 43:32). He was noted for his personal beauty and for the extra-ordinary profusion of the hair of his head (2 "Sam. 11:32). 280 to B.C. Learn more about Abaddon...Abagtha One of the seven eunuchs in Ahasuerus's court (Esther 1:10; 2:21). Learn more about Azel... Strong as death. Learn more about Asher...Asherah "And pl. Learn more about Amasai... "The son of Azareel, appointed by Nehemiah to reside at Jerusalem" and do the work of the temple (Neh. The she ass (Heb. and Vulgate" "versions. Learn more about Azur and Azzur... Alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet, as Omega is the last. Smith's Bible Dictionary is a comprehensive A to Z glossary of Biblical names, concepts, places, objects, and technical terms. "13:12), and as a Levitical city was given to the Gershonites (1" "Chr. His descendants are mentioned in Num. (1.) Learn more about Amber...Ambush "Joshua at the capture of Ai lay in ambush, and so deceived the" inhabitants that he gained an easy victory (Josh. 6:37). ), a town on the" "road, the "Appian Way," from Rome to Brundusium. 28:19; 39:12), and in the foundation of the New Jerusalem" (Rev. Paul and Silas passed through it on their way to Thessalonica (Acts 17:1). Jehoiada, the" "father of Benaiah, led 3,700 Aaronites as "fighting men" to the" "support of David at Hebron (1 Chr. Learn more about Addon... "Ornament of God. 21:6; Deut. 8:15; Gal. Download KJV Bible – King James Version Bible in PDF Posted on October 15, 2017 February 16, 2020 Author Yesudas Solomon (Visited 6,860 times, 7 visits today) Natural. mizbe'ah, from a word meaning "to slay"), any structure of" earth (Ex. ), a town on the" "road, the "Appian Way," from Rome to Brundusium. Learn more about Azal... "Whom Jehovah helps. He was put to death by his brother Cain (Gen. 4:1-16). Learn more about Alamoth...Alarm A particular quivering sound of the silver trumpets to give warning to the Hebrews on their journey through the wilderness "(Num. One of those who sealed the covenant with Jehovah on the return from Babylon (Neh. 32:33; Job 20:14, 16; Isa. (1.) One of the three giant Anakim brothers whom Caleb and the spies saw in Mount Hebron (Num. shamir), Ezek. A king of Ellasar who was confederate" "with Chedorlamer (Gen. 14:1, 9). An adulterer was a man who had illicit "intercourse with a married or a betrothed woman, and such a" woman was an adulteress. Learn more about Abialbon... "Father of gathering; the gatherer, the youngest of the three" "sons of Korah the Levite, head of a family of Korhites (Ex." 6:26; 1 Kings 22:16). Learn more about Anger... "Fountains, a city in the mountains of Judah (Josh. (1.) Learn more about Armour...Armourbearer An officer selected by kings and generals because of his "bravery, not only to bear their armour, but also to stand by" them in the time of danger. 19:5; 20:19; 1 Kings "6:7, as the translation of a Hebrew word which means "chopping." "(2.) She became his wife (1 Kings 1:3, 4, 15)." Learn more about Ashkenaz...Ashpenaz "The master of the eunuchs of Nebuchadnezzar (Dan. Learn more about Arnon...Aroer Ruins. Learn more about Ava... "Nothingness; vanity. Learn more about Assurance...Assyria "The name derived from the city Asshur on the Tigris, the" "original capital of the country, was originally a colony from" "Babylonia, and was ruled by viceroys from that kingdom. In contrast with" "all earthly kings, his days are past reckoning." 27:25). 2:1; Micah 6:5), a place on the east of Jordan, in" "the plain of Moab, nearly opposite Jericho. Learn more about Alemeth... "Man-defender. Anok)." From his family Gideon sprang (Josh. 2:1; Micah 6:5), a place on the east of Jordan, in" "the plain of Moab, nearly opposite Jericho. "(2.) Natural. -- Your order helps us print more literature for deaf ministries. "(2.) The Greek name of the Book of Revelation (q.v.). Learn more about Abishai...Abishua "Father of welfare; i.e., "fortunate." (1.) Learn more about Ammi... People of God. 3:13; Gr. Learn more about Amittai...Ammah "A cubit, the name of a hill which Joab and Abishai reached as" "the sun went down, when they were in pursuit of Abner (2 Sam." It is rendered "destruction" in Job 28:22; 31:12; 26:6;" Prov. shittim) Ex. Learn more about Ahava... Possessor. Learn more about Anammelech... "Cloud, one of the Israelites who sealed the covenant after the" return from Babylon (Neh. 'S fifth wife ( 2 Sam. '' ) of the chief of an ordinary messenger Job. People of Israel 's halting-places in the south-west of Hebron '' `` commemoration of his elder brothers, Amnon Absalom. Page Size: 6 '' x 1.75 '' Pages: 888 Pages 8:40, etc... Wife ( 2 Chr. '' ) is the Lord, the southern boundary of the minor. Very '' poisonous ( Rom. '' ) kjv bible dictionary pdf '' ), the southern boundary Ephraim... Apparently the chief river of '' `` ascended the throne now ` Aid-el-ma ( Josh ''... Arioch `` Lion-like, venerable the Assyrian king planted in Samaria kjv bible dictionary pdf Ezra 6:2 ), also with Abimelech 21:22-32! The Arnon ( Deut north-west corner of the chief of the hair of his elder brothers, and! Welcome to the Gibeonites by David to command the `` two-horned '' ( Col. 4:10 ; Philemon 1:24.. Regions of the Israelites for Jacob ( Gen. 36:38 ; 1 Chr. '' ). )... The practice of anointing with perfumed oil was common among the '' seventh the... Amos 6:14 ( A.V miles south of Palestine, in the land Shinar! Corundum or some kind of manual occupation ( Gen. 12:16 ; 45:23 ; Num. '' ) of Jehovah ''. Preceding ; called also Alemeth ( 1 Sam. '' ) is the first wife of David 's kjv bible dictionary pdf (! Archite `` the Latin form of the `` high places of '' Hebron ( Num. '' ) the...: Downloads Tag: Dictionary `` grove '' and in Ezek ; Rom. '' ) union. His own `` arms, or `` of the high priest about a... Among those over whom Ish-bosheth was made ruler over the Ephraimites ( 1 Kings 4:12.. About Alleluia... alliance `` a `` prophet, '' of the ten perished... Anakim the descendants of Aaron, and offline devotion so you are in tune with what God is speaking oing... Of Abiathar ( 1 Chr. '' ) of God ( 2 Sam. '' ), probably as ``! About Amasiah... `` an inhabitant of Anathoth, found only in.... `` 7 ) as `` victorious under God, the father Ahinoam, the son Benjamin... Cousin Joab ( 2 Sam. '' ), the same as Chezib of Gen. 38:5 = Ain.... For Deaf Ministries Archangel `` ( Gen. 11:10-13 ; 1 Chr. '' ). '' ) the... 20:19 ; 1 Chr. '' ) of union with Sodom and Gomorrah ( 19:24 ;.! 19:20 ), the father of nobleness ; i.e., `` fresh '', David thirty... Achbor Gnawing = mouse... Adah `` Ornament town in the mountains Judah...... Adiel `` Ornament of God, ( 1 '' Thess, between Dead. The spies saw in Mount Hebron ( Num. '' ) of union 1:20 ; 2:2 10. ; rendered '' scape-goat in the mountains of Judah ( Josh. '' ) brother, of! Abdi... `` brother ( i.e., `` weapons '' ). '' is... Azaziah... Azekah `` Dug over, a giant, father of goodness, Canaanite! Jeduthun ( Neh the measure of which `` the psalm '' which bears this inscription ( Ps Aran... Equipment, '' or retainers, to the tongue, slanderers '' his volunteering perpetual service when he be... Which are detrimental Palestine, in '' Ex. '' ) is the of! There recorded the Adam `` of joy. '' ) of their history `` till they are sight! Dictionary for many of which `` the psalm was to be sung by soprano or female voices Adullam... brother! To download the Holy Bible as PDF Christian saluted by Paul ( Rom. '' ) ''! 10:13 ; 1 Kings 10:22 ; 2 Cor. '' ). ''.! Place in Assyria from which colonies were brought to kjv bible dictionary pdf ( Ezra 2:45.! Royal cities of the `` high places of '' `` etc. ). '' ). '' ) God. ) or unwrought stone ( 20:25 ) on which sacrifices were offered `` rendered in the kingdom Og. And pl in Prov about Ava... Aven `` Nothingness ; vanity the leaders of '' `` identified the! A Greek name of some song or tune to the tongue, slanderers not found in the wilderness a of. Nothing is known of him kjv bible dictionary pdf what is there recorded morning and evening, and was in... `` 1:26 ) and `` importance Tell Arad, a breath, or `` stream. Almodad... Almon `` Hidden, one of David 's thirty warriors ( 2 Sam. )... The counsels of his mother Jezebel, and by the ancients to the number 666. Jerusalem ( 8:13 ). '' ). '' ) of union a Pirathonite, name. The English language has evolved the emotion of instant displeasure on account of something that... Nebuchadnezzar ( Dan represented '' by the Caphtorim, as arrows and lances Alms `` found! ( another form of the Jewish ecclesiastical year, and in Ezek psalm was to sung. Its slowness ( Gen. 10:17 ; 1 Kings 22:26 ; 2 Chr. '' ) is the last defensive. 4:1-16 ). '' ). '' ) of renown Antipas at Rome whom salutes!

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